3 Simple Steps for Adidas Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • In order to register an Adidas product for warranty, it is necessary to locate the original purchase receipt.

  • To do this, one must visit the Adidas official website or navigate to the warranty registration page.

  • Alternatively, an existing Adidas account can be used to create an account and register for warranty.

  • Once logged in, the warranty registration page will prompt the user to select the product category of the product they wish to register for, such as footwear, apparel, or accessories.

Step 2:

  • Input the necessary information regarding the product, including the product name and model number, as well as the purchase date.

  • Provide your personal information, such as name, contact details, and address, and upload a clear and readable copy of the initial purchase receipt.

  • Make sure that the receipt includes all the necessary information, including the date of the purchase, the store's name, and the product description.

  • Review all the information provided to ensure that it is accurate. Finally, submit the warranty registration form.

Step 3:

  • Upon completion of the registration process, Adidas will send you a confirmation email confirming the warranty registration.

  • This email should be kept as evidence of the registration process and for any subsequent warranty claims.

  • It is recommended to contact Adidas customer support if any further requirements or steps are required that are specific to your area or product category.

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What is covered under the Adidas Warranty?

The adidas brand warranty covers manufacturing defects for a specified period of time from the date of purchase. It includes issues related to materials, workmanship of adidas products.

  • Adidas footwear and apparel manufactured or purchased within the last 6 months are eligible for a Return Authorization.

  • They are not responsible for third party warranty.

  • 1 year global warranty for all their products.

What is NOT covered under the Adidas Warranty?

The warranty provided by the adidas brand does not include damage caused by abuse, negligence, or accidents, nor does it include ordinary wear and tear of the product, such as fade or stretching of the material over time. Furthermore, the warranty is not applicable to products purchased from third-party vendors or counterfeit products. Any alterations made by the customer to the product will invalidate the warranty.

About Adidas

Adidas is a globally renowned brand that has established itself in the sports and lifestyle apparel industry since 1949. The German company has become renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation and style. Adidas provides a broad selection of footwear, clothing and accessories for a variety of sports and activities. The brand's three-striped logo has earned it a place in the hearts of both athletes and fashion aficionados. The company's focus on performance and comfort has established Adidas as a reliable choice for both professional athletes and everyday customers. Regardless of the sport or activity, Adidas continues to motivate people to reach their full potential and live an active lifestyle.

Products of Adidas

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