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3 Simple Steps for Ziptrak Blinds Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The initial step is contacting the customer support crew members to begin the warranty claiming process. They are eagerly waiting to receive feedback and listen to the grades of experience that you have had with their product so far.

  • Your name, phone number, email, and zip code are considered important in the form just below the introductory lines of the contact page, and comments are always welcome in the comment box.

Step 2:

  •  An extensive range of topics has been covered on the FAQs page, providing solutions to questions that have been frequently asked by individuals.

  • The component buyers have to make the warranty claim within seven days of receipt of goods. If there are any consequential damages that happened during or following installation procedures, then Ziptrak will never take responsibility.

Step 3:

  • Ziptrak's official website provides clear information about their rules, regulations, and the latest products they have launched.

  • The Company's responsibility to any third party in such a scenario shall not exceed its responsibility under the warranty provided to the original buyer.

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Phone Number

+61 1300 77 00 65

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Contact Address

1 Charger Road,
Tonsley, SA-5042,

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What is covered under the Ziptrak Blinds Warranty?

Ziptrak Pty Ltd warrants that all Ziptrak components are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for a duration of two years from the date of the invoice. Ziptrak is not responsible for any costs associated with the installation and re-installation of the Ziptrak components covered by this warranty.

  • 2-year warranty

What is NOT covered under the Ziptrak Blinds Warranty?

The warranty exclusions encompass several conditions, including instances where usage, adaptation, or installation deviates from the written installation and operation instructions. Additionally, if the product has been dismantled or returned with evident signs of abuse or damage, it falls outside the warranty coverage. Failure to properly apply the written specifications to the buyer when selecting components, not following the written installation instructions, and utilizing the components for functions other than their intended purpose are also grounds for exclusion from warranty coverage.

About Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Pty Ltd, a fully Australian-owned and operated company, specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of track-guided blind products. Tony de Maaijer, the original inventor of the track-guided outdoor blind, introduced Ziptrak, a spring-balanced or motorized guided blind system that offers protection against UV rays, sun, wind, rain, and insects. They take pride in supplying a product that enables individuals to relish the natural surroundings around their homes, fostering a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living. This controlled environment provides an ideal setting for quality time with family and friends. The Ziptrak brand holds a registered trademark, and the blind system is safeguarded by multiple patents.

Products of Ziptrak Blinds

Pelmets Brackets Outdoor Blinds Indoor Blinds

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