3 Simple Steps for Zinus Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Filling out your details on the Registration Form is the first step of this warranty process. To receive up-to-date warranty and product information and to register your product, your proof of purchase is needed.

  • Your proof of purchase is also vital when seeking a refund or replacement, as it functions as evidence to substantiate your warranty claim. You cannot begin the warranty claim process without proof of purchase.

  • This warranty provides you with distinct legal entitlements, and additional rights may differ depending on your state's regulations.

Step 2:

  • The process for both registration and warranty claims is almost identical. You need to provide your name, email, phone number (for SMS updates), retailer details, and date of purchase. You can also include comments about any product issues in the message box. Additionally, please ensure that you attach your proof of purchase.

  • Zinus offers a generous 100-Night Trial for all mattresses bought on their official website. You have a full 100 nights starting from the delivery date to determine whether the mattress suits your needs. If you find it unsatisfactory, reach out to them. To qualify for a full refund, the items should be in good condition without any signs of drool, stains, or unusual odors, and you must provide the necessary documents, including proof of purchase.

  • Their 30-day return policy applies to Mattress Toppers, Bed Frames, Adjustable Bases, as well as Living and Outdoor Furniture. You have a 30-day from the date of delivery to initiate the return process for your Zinus item. Please ensure that the products are in the appropriate condition, as previously described.

  • Refunds will usually be issued to the original payment method within 2-5 business days. Nevertheless, the specific processing times can change among financial institutions. This policy is applicable to items bought on Zinus.com and comes under the Zinus Return and Exchange Policy. If you acquired a Zinus product through any of their partner websites, your return timeframe and terms are determined by the respective retailer.

Step 3:

  • You need to follow the procedures to contact the Help Center as outlined in the registration process above.

  • You will be able to send them a note and they will call you within 24 hours or less. Their well-informed customer support team is standing by to answer all your questions 24/7.

  • During the warranty process, Zinus may provide you with one of the following solutions: either a warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

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What is covered under the Zinus Warranty?

Zinus warrants your mattress against craftsmanship and material defects. This warranty takes effect once the authorized dealer's return period has ended. Unless specific limitations mentioned here apply, your mattress will be replaced or you will receive an allocated refund, as determined by them, in case of defects resulting from workmanship or structural issues. If a defect arises during this warranty's duration, they will, as deemed appropriate, either replace the mattress or issue a prorated refund. This warranty is applicable when the product is used correctly by the original purchaser following the care instructions. Do not remove the Law Tag from this product, as it serves as a warranty identifier for the product. The original purchaser of the product is qualified for this warranty, who is the first purchaser of the product as pointed out on the original sales receipt or invoice, and who received the product from an authorized dealer as a new product. The warranty is valid only if the product has been used in accordance with the care instructions by the original purchaser.

  • 90-day Worry-Free Limited Warranty for Zinus TV

  • 1-year Worry-Free Limited Warranty

  • 5-year Worry-Free Limited Warranty

  • 10-year Worry-Free Limited Warranty

What is NOT covered under the Zinus Warranty?

The warranty will become void if an inappropriate base is used, leading to mattress failure. This warranty excludes any degradation of the foam resulting in an indentation of less than 1.5 inches, unrelated to sagging in the foundation, box spring, platform, or mattress. It's important to note that warrantable defects do not include the normal softening of the foam that can occur during regular use, or, in the case of visco-elastic memory foam, a reduction in the gradual recovery aspect of the foam. You cannot claim the warranty if the product has been tampered with or used beyond reasonable wear by the purchaser. It will not apply if the product has been deliberately or accidentally physically damaged, including burns, cuts, water damage, mold, or stains, or if it is abnormally soiled or unsanitary. Using a heating pad or electric blanket with a memory foam mattress will also void this warranty, and it doesn't cover damages resulting from misuse. Additionally, the warranty becomes void if any structural modification is made to the foundation, or any part of the delivered foundation is removed.

About Zinus

In 1979, Zinus was initiated by the founder, Youn Jae Lee, in the great outdoors of South Korea, where tents were manufactured. Eventually, Zinus transitioned into the home, and mattresses and furniture have been provided to more than 25 million satisfied customers in over 15 countries worldwide. A commitment to helping everyone bring happiness home is upheld by them. This is why Zinus products are designed to be easily affordable, assembled, and enjoyed. Tiny reminders that life is good are designed by them.

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