3 Simple Steps for XPOWER Manufacture Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Warranty claims can be made after you successfully complete the registration form by providing essential details. Among the other fields provided, your name, email address, serial and model number, and purchase date should be filled in compulsorily.

  • Along with the mandatory fields, you will need to submit the purchase receipt for warranty service. Furthermore, these mentioned fields are necessary to receive the Return Case Authorization (RA) number.

Step 2:

  • You cannot transfer the limited warranty to others. Your local authorized XPOWER Distributor can be reached for international purchases. The shipping cost must be paid by the customer for sending the product to headquarters in the USA for service.

  • You will get yourself clear after reading the answers to the questions provided in the FAQs section. So, please go through this page.

Step 3:

  • Customer support has a form with minor fields to be filled in to contact them. Besides this, calling and emailing are available to get in touch with the crew members.

  • They will regularly send you the most up-to-date offers, timely and relevant information, as well as exclusive invitations to events.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

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Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm (PST)

Contact Address

688 S 6th Avenue,
City of Industry, CA-91746,

What is covered under the XPOWER Manufacture Warranty?

The warranty is valid for XPOWER equipment purchased in the U.S. through authorized distributors and provides coverage against any defects in materials and workmanship for a duration of one year from the original purchase date when used under normal and intended conditions. This warranty encompasses both labor and parts for your XPOWER equipment and includes one-way shipping within the Continental US only. It's important to note that servicing or repairing your equipment under warranty will not result in an extension or renewal of the warranty period.

  • 1-year limited warranty

What is NOT covered under the XPOWER Manufacture Warranty?

XPOWER's liability does not extend to cover costs, damages, or repairs arising from a range of circumstances. These include careless operation, mishandling, misuse, abuse, or inadequate maintenance of the equipment. Additionally, any use of parts and accessories not manufactured by XPOWER or not recommended by the company is not covered. Damage occurring during shipping from either XPOWER or its authorized distributors is also excluded. External factors such as weather conditions, electrical outages, or power surges are beyond the scope of this warranty. Any unauthorized repairs or alterations made by third parties or agents are not the responsibility of XPOWER. Furthermore, normal wear and tear are not covered under this limited warranty. It's important to note that the warranty specifically excludes certain items, such as pet dryers intended for home use, dusters, individual components, accessories, scented beads, and refurbished products. These items fall outside the scope of warranty coverage provided by XPOWER.

About XPOWER Manufacture

XPOWER Manufacture Inc. leverages more than 25 years of expertise in developing an ever-growing range of products that incorporate cutting-edge technology available in today's market. Through a comprehensive approach that emphasizes state-of-the-art miniaturization, XPOWER's inventive products exhibit a unique combination of being lightweight, silent, and robust, all while maintaining their power and durability. Collaborating closely with its network of distributors, XPOWER, alongside its dedicated R & D engineers, embraces fresh ideas and innovative thinking, striving to produce high-quality products that foster profitable and enduring partnerships. Capitalizing on its global presence, XPOWER actively seeks out enthusiastic and ambitious product distributors.

Products of XPOWER Manufacture

Dehumidifiers Air Scrubbers Air Movers Ozone Generators ULV Foggers Wall Cavity Dryers

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