3 Simple Steps for Vortex Optics Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Signing in or registering is the best choice you have to claim the Vortex Optics warranty. To sign up, a few details are required. After creating a customer account, you will receive regular updates from them about their policies.

  • Vortex optics and apparel protected by the VIP Warranty receive complimentary repair or replacement services. In cases where the required repairs are not within the warranty's scope, they will seek your approval before initiating any repair procedures.

Step 2:

  • If you're interested in ordering parts, they have the capability to facilitate your order, expedite your Service Request, and provide you with the added convenience of an emailed prepaid shipping label for a seamless experience.

  • Your apparel return request will be handled according to your specifications. While processing times can fluctuate, they usually fall within a 3-business day timeframe from the moment Vortex receives the return.

Step 3:

  • If you have made a purchase of apparel through an authorized dealer, they kindly request that you proceed with the return process via the dealer. This ensures a streamlined and efficient return experience for you.

  • Feel free to call, send an email, or connect with Vortex Optics customer support through social media whenever you have questions. They are committed to maintaining their regular service levels and are eager to assist you with your requirements.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number

+1 608-664-9856

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm (CT)

Contact Address

One Vortex Drive,
Barneveld, Wisconsin-53507,

What is covered under the Vortex Optics Warranty?

The VIP Warranty, also known as the Vortex® warranty, guarantees that in case your Vortex® product is damaged or defective, they will provide repair or replacement services at no cost to you. If your product cannot be repaired, they will replace it with a product in excellent working condition, ensuring it matches or exceeds the physical condition of your original item. The Vortex Worldwide Lifetime VIP Warranty extends its coverage to your purchase worldwide, and it can be accessed through the distributor or dealer in the country where you made your product purchase.

  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

What is NOT covered under the Vortex Optics Warranty?

The VIP Warranty excludes coverage for loss, theft, intentional damage, or superficial damage that does not affect the product's functionality. Additionally, products that were not officially imported into your country by the Vortex Authorized Distributor, including items brought into a country without paying the requisite taxes and duties, fall under the category of "Grey Market Products" and are not eligible for coverage under the international VIP warranty.

About Vortex Optics

Starting in 1986 and continuing to this day, Vortex Optics stands as an American-owned, veteran-owned, family-owned, and family-operated business. Their dedicated team works diligently, and their headquarters are located in close proximity to the friendly neighbors in Barneveld, Wisconsin. With a team of more than 300 members, all based in the United States, they are committed to delivering top-notch optics, apparel, and service across various industries. Their dedication is backed by the renowned VIP Warranty.

Products of Vortex Optics

Razor Golden Eagle Viper Strike Eagle Venom Diamondback Crossfire Binoculars Tripods Monoculars

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