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3 Simple Steps for GAF Roofing Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • GAF Roofing offers two distinct registration processes for warranty claims, one for residential and one for commercial purposes. While both categories require a substantial amount of information, it's important to note that the residential warranty claim process necessitates more extensive details compared to the commercial field.

  • For residential warranty claims, please endow the property owner's name, mailing address, and details about the building where GAF products are installed, and specify the property type. If you have previously filed a claim under your GAF warranty, kindly refrain from completing the form again.

  • Unlike the claiming process above, the commercial type requires building or job information, information about the person submitting the claim, on-site contact details, and information about the leak or complaint.

Step 2:

  • GAF Roofing will need a minimum of two full-size shingle samples taken from the impacted area(s) of the roof, showcasing the reported condition. Their laboratory will then assess these shingle samples to ascertain whether they conform to GAF specifications and to detect any manufacturing defects that might impact the performance of your shingles.

  • It is essential to provide documentation confirming the installation date of your shingles or accessories. Furthermore, you are required to supply proof of property ownership during the roof installation, along with relevant accompanying photographs. 

  • A notable feature found in most GAF Warranties is a single opportunity for transfer. In such instances, it becomes the responsibility of the new property owner to notify GAF within a 60-day window following the completion of the property transfer.

Step 3:

  • The contact page serves as a central hub for addressing various needs coupled with roofing products, both for residential and commercial applications, field offices, ventilation products, ornamental iron, ductwork, WeatherSide, TruSlate products, and more.

  • Delving into the official website will help you gain insights into their most recent products and services, as well as their terms and conditions. The wind and algae warranties are presented individually on their website.

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What is covered under the GAF Roofing Warranty?

The limited warranty provided by GAF Roofing extends its coverage to customers residing in the USA and Canada, specifically for the original property owner (excluding builders or installers). If the warranty has been properly transferred, it can also apply to the first subsequent property owner. In the event of a transfer, the second owner must submit written notification to GAF within one year of the property transfer to ensure warranty coverage transfer, as this warranty is generally non-transferable. However, if the transfer occurs during the Smart Choice® Protection Period, the second owner will receive the same coverage as the original owner. In cases where the transfer happens afterward, the warranty duration is reduced to two years following the change of ownership. Should any defects arise within this two-year period, GAF's reimbursement to the second owner will be based on the reasonable cost of replacement shingles or applicable accessories, with an adjustment for the usage received from the date of installation to the date of the claim. GAF Roofing warrants that their products are free from manufacturing defects that negatively impact their performance during the applicable Smart Choice® Protection Period or that result in leaks for the remaining warranty term, while GAF Accessory Products will remain free from manufacturing defects affecting their performance throughout the applicable warranty term.

  • 5-year and 15-year limited wind warranty term

  • 10 to 35-year guarantee for commercial roofing systems

  • 10-year and 50-year limited warranty under a smart choice protection period

What is NOT covered under the GAF Roofing Warranty?

The warranty policy outlined does not cover damage resulting from factors other than inherent manufacturing defects in GAF Products. These excluded factors encompass scenarios such as improper installation practices, including inadequate fastening or non-compliance with GAF's specified application instructions, provided that improper installation directly caused the damage. Additionally, the policy does not extend to damage caused by settlement, structural issues, or defects in the building's walls, foundation, or roof base where GAF Products were applied, as well as insufficient ventilation. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply to damage caused by circumstances beyond normal wear and tear, including acts of nature such as hail, fire, or winds exceeding the specified wind speed limit. It also excludes damage caused by traffic impact on the roof or foreign objects, as well as any damage resulting from improper storage or handling of GAF Products. Ice damming is excluded from coverage, except for leaks in the area of your roof deck that are protected by a GAF Leak Barrier and caused by a manufacturing defect in that specific barrier. The warranty also does not cover shading or variations in the color of GAF Products, discoloration or contamination caused by various factors like fungus, mold, lichen, or algae (except for specific types of algae mentioned), or contaminants including those originating from organic materials on the roof. Labor costs, unless explicitly provided for in the warranty, disposal costs, tear-off costs, and expenses related to underlayments (except in cases involving a manufacturing defect in a GAF Underlayment), metal work, and flashings are not included. Finally, the warranty excludes damage to the interior or exterior of the building, which encompasses issues such as mold growth, among other factors.

About GAF Roofing

In GAF Roofing, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, the core of their leadership lies in diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams. They are dedicated to nurturing a culture that aligns with their values of connection, empowerment, evolution, and inspiration. GAF roofs safeguard more homes and businesses in the United States than any other product. Their strategically positioned manufacturing facilities ensure that residential and commercial roofing materials are delivered in optimal condition, precisely when and where they are required.

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