• 28 Aug, 2023

Confused about the best procedure to claim Vigo warranty? Here is the solution.

3 Simple Steps for Vigo Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Vigo does not have an account creation procedure, You can directly register the product once you buy it. It is very quick and easy and can provide you with benefits like extended warranties for your product.

  • Your name and email address are more than enough to register your product. Additionally, You will have to provide details of your previously registered products in a yes/no tab.

Step 2:

  • If you wish to initiate the claim for your defective product, you can directly get in touch with the authorized distributor or dealer who sold you the piece or consider contacting Vigo support directly.

  • They will further proceed with the process only when you have proper proof of purchase in hand and the product is within the warranty period.

  • A company representative or authorized independent service person will inspect your product and decide on the eligibility and degree of the claim. Vigo will then repair or replace the product according to the damage.

Step 3:

  • Vigo maintains great customer support who are always there to help and guide you in all of their product-related issues and concerns. You can directly message them through their contact form. First & last name along with email address and phone number and description of your issue must be provided in the form. Their team at the other end will do the needful.

  • FAQ of Vigo is an interesting aspect of their support where they have dedicated Q&As for all of their product categories. This will always have answers to most of your common questions.

Phone Number


8 AM - 5:30 PM (EST)

Contact Address

World Headquarters & Showroom
138 West 25th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

What is covered under the Vigo Warranty?

Vigo has a limited warranty on each of its products. This may vary from one product to another according to its specifications. It is always claimable only by the original purchaser or end-user for personal household use. This may vary in the case of commercial application of the product as there will be additional limitations. It always warrants the products to be free from material and craftsmanship defects of all forms under normal use. Any representation, warranty or affirmation other than those mentioned in the warranty plan of Vigo can never be enforced against Vigo. It also has the rights to modify the warranty at any time.

  • 1-Year Warranty Period: Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories, Shower Steel Strips, Houses & Faucet Sprayers.

  • 2-Year Warranty Period: Shower Sprayer & Panel parts.

  • 5-Year Warranty Period: Faucet Cartridge.

  • Guaranteed Plating Consistency Warranty.

  • Lifetime Warranty: All Hardware Finish & Glasses.

What is NOT covered under the Vigo Warranty?

Vigo’s warranties cannot be applied to breakages, damages, instances of incorrect operating procedures that are due to carelessness, improper usage & installation, misuse, misapplication, no proper care & maintenance or alteration of the product. The claim also becomes void when the damage is due to factors that are not under Vigo’s control like accident, flood, chemical or natural corrosion, fire & other acts of God. Always avoid steel wools, abrasive cleaners, and harsh chemicals as they can damage, scratch, and/or dull the product and/or finish and void this warranty. Vigo neither installs nor supervises the installation nor hires a contractor for the process. Hence it is the sole responsibility of the owner. Any claim regarding the concern is always not acceptable. Always prefer licensed professionals for this purpose. It is also not liable for any form of death or personal injuries in indirect or indirect situations of the product usage. Loss of time, profits and inconvenience due to incidental, special or consequential damages are always excluded.

About Vigo

Vigo works on the ultimate aim of enhancing living with the most creative products along with great customer experience. They always level up in the race to provide customers with value on a daily basis. They put consistent efforts to fit seamlessly into your life by reflecting your style on your living. They are fond of creating and selling new products in the market that are not only appealing but also worth the buy! They provide stunning fixtures to their customers to ensure they provide them with stylish products that are safe too.

Products of Vigo

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