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3 Simple Steps for Vax Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registration is an important step to activate the warranty for free. Additionally, it ensures smooth access to product and customer support. Keep in mind that you should have your machine and proof of purchase with you during registration.

  • Before enrolling, opting for your appliance gets you to the model type after selecting it, a form will be visible with contact and purchase details. Almost, all fields are identical for all products other than the model and guarantee duration. 

Step 2:

  • You should not take more than three months from the purchase date to register your product because crossing the fixed time period for registration may void the warranty.

  • Vax maintains the option to enforce a standard 12-month warranty if a product is not registered within three months of its purchase. Warranties can be transferred with the machine, and any remaining duration will persist.

Step 3:

  • Their online support crew members are ready to address your issues, and there's no need to feel stressed about reaching out; they are available on weekdays during fixed hours.

  • In addition to other services, they also offer a live chat option for your convenience. This allows you to engage in conversations with the Vax automated assistant, enhancing accessibility and immediate support.

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Mon-Fri: 9am - 4pm

Contact Address

Unit 302, Pointon Way, Stonebridge Cross,
Hampton Lovett, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire-WR9 0LW,
United Kingdom.

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What is covered under the Vax Warranty?

The guarantee policy includes the repair or replacement of your machine if it is determined to be defective due to manufacturing materials or workmanship issues during the guarantee period. Additionally, it covers the replacement of functional parts, tools, or accessories found to be defective within 12 months of purchase, and consumable items such as belts, filters, and fuses within 3 months of purchase, all due to manufacturing issues. In cases where the exact part is no longer available, they will replace it with a functional equivalent. The guarantee extends for the duration specified in your product information at the time of purchase, following the provided terms and conditions. They also offer a new-for-old replacement if, in their assessment, a product is beyond repair. If the exact model is unavailable, an equivalent specification will be provided. These benefits are supplementary to and do not impact your statutory rights as a consumer.

  • 1-year guarantee on VAX Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Cleaner

  • 2-year guarantee on VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design, VAX SpotWash Duo Spot Cleaner, VAX Air Lift 2 Pet

  • 3-year guarantee on VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

What is NOT covered under the Vax Warranty?

The guarantee will not extend coverage to functional parts, tools, and accessories that experience premature failure due to everyday wear and tear after 12 months. Additionally, consumables like belts, filters, and fuses will not be covered after 3 months. The guarantee does not apply to accidental damage, cosmetic damage that does not impact the product's functionality, damage resulting from use not in accordance with the product manual, damage due to the lack of regular maintenance, damage to cables, and blockages, as outlined in the product instruction manual. Moreover, poor product performance resulting from negligent use, misuse, or careless operation of the machine, failure to clean or maintain the product as per instructions, using the vacuum cleaner in a manner inconsistent with the manual, using a Vax product for purposes other than normal domestic household use in the purchased country, using non-genuine Vax components for parts, accessories, and consumables, and faulty installation or repairs (unless conducted by a qualified electrician or engineer) are not covered by the warranty.

About Vax

In 1977, Vax embarked on its journey under the leadership of Alan Brazier, an individual with prior expertise in industrial carpet cleaning. As a British-based brand headquartered in the United Kingdom, Vax specializes in the production of electrical goods and cleaning products, particularly in the floor-care and air treatment sectors. Drawing on over 40 years of experience and research, Vax proudly delivers consistently high-quality, technologically advanced products. One notable offering is their best-ever carpet washer, designed to effortlessly eliminate over 99% of bacteria. With an emphasis on user-friendly design, this product is now enhanced with a newly integrated pre-treatment wand, which adeptly tackles challenging stains and odors. This makes it an ideal solution for busy households, especially those with pets.

Products of Vax

Cordless Vacuums Carpet Cleaners Spot Washers Cleaning Solutions Hard Floor Cleaners

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