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3 Simple Steps for Traulsen Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registration is valid only for the products that function in the USA. Enrollment is necessary to activate your warranty. Press the subscribe button, which is at the bottom of the form, to receive communications about product offers, company news, and upcoming events.

  • Your personal details, residential address, company name, email, store number, and product details such as brand, model, and serial numbers, location where you bought the product, and installation date to be supplied in the form.

Step 2:

  • Traulsen will accept the products that are returned within thirty days from the date of repair. You are not eligible to claim the warranty if you send the claimed defective part after the fixed timeframe to return.

  • Be aware that all warranty service after the claim must be performed by the manufacturer which means Traulsen. They can reject your claim if it is done by any one of the unauthorized third-party providers.

Step 3:

  • The customer team opens its door to answer your questions or fulfill your demands. They will be in touch with you once you fill out the form with important fields.

  •  For sales inquiries, a distinct number is provided, and a common number is used for inquiries related to parts, service, and warranty matters.

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What is covered under the Traulsen Warranty?

Traulsen provides a warranty to the original end-user of the equipment. This warranty ensures that the equipment will be transferred without any legal claims, such as liens, security interests, or encumbrances caused by or through Traulsen. Additionally, Traulsen offers a warranty to the equipment owner. This warranty covers a period of six years from either the date of delivery to the common carrier or the date of original installation, whichever is later. Under normal usage conditions and provided that the equipment has been installed and maintained properly, as determined by Traulsen, the equipment will meet the specifications outlined by Traulsen and will be free from significant defects in materials and workmanship.

  • 6-year warranty on parts and labor

  • 7-year warranty on compressors

What is NOT covered under the Traulsen Warranty?

The warranty does not extend to cover the following: consequential damages, consumable components, or regular wear and tear items; any damage, defect, or wear caused by fire, water, theft, accidents, abuse, misuse, lack of preventive maintenance, transportation, acts of nature, terrorism, power surges, improper installation, unauthorized repairs or installation by unqualified third parties, or modifications that deviate from published guidelines or are carried out without Traulsen tech support's direction. This warranty does not apply to and will not cover any equipment used in residential, consumer, or non-commercial settings. Furthermore, it does not apply to equipment sold, installed, or used outside of the United States. Non-OEM parts are not eligible for warranty coverage.

About Traulsen

Traulsen caters to discerning food service clients who understand the critical importance of temperature control and seek the assurance that their equipment will consistently perform at a high standard. Their clientele highly values top-notch performance, dependability, and durability. They entrust Traulsen to meet and exceed these expectations and deeply appreciate it. Each Traulsen product is meticulously crafted, manufactured, assembled, and rigorously tested at their Fort Worth, Texas facility. When investing in long-lasting equipment, it's essential to not only understand what goes into it but also its origin. Traulsen takes pride in offering products carefully designed and constructed in the state of Texas.

Products of Traulsen

Blast Chillers Milk Coolers Refrigerators or Freezers Prep Tables Undercounter and Equipment Stands

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