• 28 Aug, 2023

Do you want to request warranty support from Trane? Your search reaches its end here.

3 Simple Steps for Trane Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Initiate the process by registering your products on Trane’s official site. You will need the product serial number, installation date & address, and Dealer name to complete registration. This will help you avail the best warranty for your products.

  • Trane offers three types of warranty policies. The first is the Basic Limited Warranty – which applies to the products which aren’t registered or registered 60 days after the installation. It will last for 5 years and cover manufacturer defects, but not the labor to repair. However, it is contingent upon the products.

  • The next one is the Registered Limited Warranty, which is for the products that have been registered within 60 days of installation. It also covers manufacturer damages and is limited to labor costs. Again, it is product-specific but comes with an average of 10 years of warranty period.

  • The last one is the Optional Extended Warranty – which you can purchase from your local dealer. The terms are the same as the above two. To learn further, please reach out to your local dealers.

Step 2:

  • To claim the warranty, contact your local dealer. They will submit the claim for you. First, they will inspect the unit and attempt to diagnose the issues.

  • If your products need any modifications in the parts, they will contact the parts supplier and replace them in your unit.

  • When the repair is not feasible, they will replace your products in accordance with the type of warranty you are having. Please note that the labor and shipping charge is on you.

  • If you have the Optional Extended Warranty, the payment is slightly different from the rest of the two. Your dealer will inform you of this.

Step 3:

  • Trane has dedicated a unique page to provide you with tips and tricks like how to maintain your units properly and when to hire technical support. Take a look at their HVAC maintenance page to extend the lifespan of your unit.

  • In case of any repairs, contact your local dealer. You can find the best dealer with just a single tap by entering your zip code. You can also call or submit your queries to them.

  • They also have provided a live chat facility to address your issues promptly and effectively.

Phone Number

+1 855-260-2975

Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST.

Contact Address

800-E Beaty Street,
NC 28036.

What is covered under the Trane Warranty?

Trane’s products come with a one-year standard warranty. The customers can extend this warranty window with the help of an extended warranty – typically from two months to 25 years – depending on the products. Furthermore, Trane covers the damages that do not result from consequential or incidental and manufacturer defects. However, the products must be installed, maintained, and used. If not, the warranty can go void.

  • 5-10– Years Warranty

  • Extended Warranty

What is NOT covered under the Trane Warranty?

Trane doesn’t hold responsibility for the malfunctions resulting from fire, water, storm, misuse, and improper installation, or application of the equipment. Trane will cancel the warranty if the unit is removed from the address of the initial installation. Hence, in the case of relocating, you must contact the dealers. Trane possesses the right to choose the service providers to address your issues. Any additional material or work which are not included in the warranty terms will be provided at the cost of the equipment owner. The company also doesn’t hold liability for the loss, damage, or injury due to delays in rendering repairs.

About Trane

Trane is a highly renowned company that has been known for its efficient HVAC systems. Trane has amassed a thousand happy customers by providing unique and groundbreaking solutions that make the indoor environment pleasurable. They bend themselves backward to manufacture products that exhibit high energy -efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. And, this is what made them a comfortable and reliable choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Initially started as a family business, the company has gained a paramount reputation among its customers.

Products of Trane

Air conditioner Furnaces Heat Pumps Smart & Traditional Thermostats Filter Humidity Control Air Purification

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