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3 Simple Steps for Toshiba Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You must directly register your product to apply for a claim if needed. Warranty Valet can help you with the concern by being the best place to store all your warranty details and access them anywhere and anytime.

  • Toshiba deals with a variety of products. Hence they have separate registration procedures for each of them. You must have all the necessary details like proof of purchase such as sales receipt and details of the seller along with other product details like product name, model number, and serial number.

  • Product registration also requires your personal details like name, email address, phone number, and detailed address including city, state & zip code. You will also have to provide details of your company if you claim for commercial purposes.

Step 2:

  • You must always consider checking your warranty status before applying for the claim. This will save time for both of you. Toshiba provides you with dedicated pages for the purpose which you can rely on to find the exact details by providing the serial number of your product.

  • The claim process begins with acquiring a Return Material Authorization number(RMA). This can be done by simply jumping on a call with their support and explaining your need for the claim.

  • They will try their level best to resolve the issue in your place by providing insights and explaining the remedies for the issue. Simple tests will be used for this purpose. In case it doesn’t work out and can be covered under warranty, You must send the product to their place with the RMA number to resolve the issue.

  • You will receive your product fixed as early as possible. Toshiba also maintains a dedicated page to know the status of your claims by providing the RMA number.

Step 3:

  • Toshiba is excellent in their customer service with devoted teams for each of their product categories to resolve your issue as soon as possible. They have separate contact numbers and email addresses for you to reach them quickly.

  • You can also use their customer support to request a quote, find a dealer near you, and become their distributor. They also have a feedback form for you to give insights to improve their service.

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What is covered under the Toshiba Warranty?

Toshiba has a limited warranty on every product manufactured by them to the original purchaser. It states that the product will be free from any form of defect in workmanship and components only under normal use within the defined warranty period. It commences on the original date of purchase and you will have to provide necessary proof of purchase in order to claim the warranty as it always functions on the terms and conditions of Toshiba. In case you find your product defective, The claim helps you fix the issue by repair or replacement with factory refurbished products or new ones at their sole discretion. It can only be claimed in the country of purchase. You can have all the common legal rights in the claim along with other rights which may change from one location to the other.

  • 1 to 5-Year Limited Warranty Period Depending On The Type Of Product & Its Specifications.

What is NOT covered under the Toshiba Warranty?

Toshiba always disapproves of claims that are not valid. On that note, the Toshiba limited warranty is not extended to products that are not legally purchased; have been damaged or rendered defective due to failure to use the product as per the user manual, no care & maintenance, improper usage, negligence and misuse; serviced by unauthorized people; using parts that are not manufactured by Toshiba; inefficient transportation & installation; having serial number tampered, changed or altered; wear and tear of consumable parts; cosmetic damages like scratches, dents, fades or discolors; damaged due to Acts of God like water, fire, lightning and incorrect power supply. Transportation and other costs in the claim process are not covered by Toshiba. Additionally, Any type of consequential, incidental and accident damages that lead to loss of data or money is also excluded from the claim.

About Toshiba

Since its establishment in 1965, Toshiba has grown to be a renowned brand around the world. Cutting-edge tech and electronic products have helped them create a strong customer base and be a global leader in research and development. Their broad range of products and solutions for energy, commercial and industrial sectors have helped them reach this position with time. You can blindly believe in the quality of their products and their excellent support for you.

Products of Toshiba

Low Voltage Motors Medium Voltage Motors Surge Arresters Power Transformers Gas Insulated Transformers Step Voltage Regulators

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