3 Simple Steps for Toro Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Product registration is divided into three sections as follows: owner, contact, and product. Additionally, there is a commercial section in case you have used it. Without skipping, these details, such as your name, residential address, phone number, email, model and serial number, and purchase date, are to be completed.

  • The warranty service will be done by the Toro authorized service center, so you have to contact them via the website provided separately for that purpose. Once you enter this website, your local authorized service center can be located by selecting service along with the correct product category.

  • The service center will rectify the problems of the parts that are brought to its location. You should have proof of purchase when visiting the service center.

Step 2:

  • The original packaging should be used to return the products purchased on the official website that have not made you happy since you bought them. The time period to initiate the return is thirty days from the purchase date to receive the credit amount.

  • The shipping charges are included with the credit amount if the error is made by Toro during the return process. Some products listed on the product page cannot be returned to the seller.

Step 3:

  • You will come to know about the processing of the credit amount via the email sent to you. It takes them four weeks from the receiving date of your return for the credit amount to be reflected in your bank account.

  • The returned products which do not have the return label on the outer surface of the packaging will lengthen the processing time.

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What is covered under the Toro Warranty?

Throughout the warranty duration, The Toro Company pledges to either repair or replace the Toro Product at its discretion, should it exhibit defects in materials or workmanship. Any repairs falling under these warranty provisions must be conducted by an Authorized Toro Service Dealer utilizing Toro-approved replacement components.

  • 1-year warranty on Turbo SC® Plus PC Emitters

  • 3-year residential limited warranty on 54 in. (137 cm) TimeCutter® Max Havoc MyRide® Zero Turn Mower

What is NOT covered under the Toro Warranty?

The express warranty excludes coverage for various components and circumstances. This includes regular maintenance costs or parts such as fuel, lubricants, oil changes, adjustments, filters, spark plugs, air filters, blade sharpening, or worn blades. Components failing due to normal wear are not covered, nor are any products or parts that have been altered, misused, neglected, or require replacement or repair due to accidents or lack of proper maintenance. Additionally, pickup and delivery charges, repairs or attempted repairs by unauthorized individuals, and failure to adhere to fueling instructions outlined in the Operator's Manual are not covered. Repairs or adjustments due to specific circumstances such as contaminants in the fuel system, failure to perform required maintenance or adjustments, rotary mower blade striking an object, improper starting procedures, or special operational conditions requiring more than two pulls to start are also excluded. Furthermore, product failures resulting from the use of modified or unapproved accessories or non-Toro parts, as well as failures caused by outside influences such as weather, storage practices, contamination, or the use of unapproved coolants, lubricants, additives, or chemicals, are not covered under the warranty.

About Toro

Established in 1914, The Toro Company has deep-seated roots in a commitment to excellence and fostering meaningful connections. Presently, it stands as a premier provider of innovative solutions catering to outdoor environments worldwide. These solutions encompass turf and landscape maintenance, snow and ice management, underground utility construction, rental, and specialty construction, as well as irrigation and outdoor lighting systems. Through a robust network comprising professional distributors, dealers, rental outlets, and retailers spanning over 125 countries, the company takes pride in offering a diverse array of products under a portfolio of global brands. These products cater to a broad spectrum of clientele including golf courses, professional contractors, underground construction specialists, groundskeepers, agricultural growers, rental firms, government and educational institutions, homeowners, as well as numerous esteemed sports venues and historic landmarks across the globe.

Products of Toro

Snow Blowers Lawn Mowers Yard Tools Irrigation Filters Irrigation Valves

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