3 Simple Steps for T-fal Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • In the warranty claiming process, the primary step is Registration. Clients are requested to register their products after giving their product, personal, and purchase information.

  • As soon as you register your products, you will come to know about their special offers and receive quick customer service and so on.

  • They have provided an option to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link sent to you via email.

Step 2:

  • Their comprehensive instructions for use and frequently asked questions (FAQ) have been meticulously crafted to provide in-depth answers to any inquiries you may have regarding their products. Address, postcode or zipcode, and city have to be entered to have the service from the nearest service center. 

  • If your appliance is no longer covered by the warranty, T-fal has two convenient solutions for you. Firstly, you can choose to visit one of their authorized repair centers, where you will be greeted warmly, and their skilled technicians will take charge of your appliance, conducting a thorough diagnosis and providing you with an estimate for the necessary repairs.

  • Alternatively, if you are inclined to handle the repairs yourself, you can easily access the required parts and accessories through their online accessories shop. Additionally, their online help resources are available to assist you in the repair process, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible solution to meet your needs.

Step 3:

  • To expedite the resolution process, customer support suggests exploring the dedicated sections available on the contact page before reaching out for assistance.

  • Feel free to contact their customer service team for any inquiries or requests regarding their products and services. You can reach them by phone during the specified hours.

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Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5pm (EST)

Contact Address

West Orange,
New Jersey-07044,

What is covered under the T-fal Warranty?

T-fal provides a 1-year warranty for its original accessories, spare parts, and utensils, safeguarding against any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty period commences from the initial date of purchase or delivery, whichever is later, with the exception of spare parts that require specific tools or technical expertise to install, which come with a 3-month commercial warranty. This commercial manufacturer's warranty covers all expenses associated with restoring a proven defective product to meet its original specifications. This may involve the repair or replacement of any faulty components, including the necessary labor. T-fal reserves the option to offer a replacement product instead of repairing a defective one. Your sole recourse under this warranty and T-fal's exclusive responsibility is limited to such repair or replacement. The warranty is applicable to products bought and used for domestic purposes.

  • 5-year warranty on thermo mugs, thermo jugs, and thermo flasks

  • 10-year warranty on ice-force knives blades

  • 30-year warranty on food conservation boxes

What is NOT covered under the T-fal Warranty?

The warranty or guarantee provided by T-fal comes with specific limitations, as it does not extend coverage to various circumstances. It will not cover damage resulting from misuse, negligence, failure to follow T-fal's instructions, unauthorized product modifications or repairs, inadequate packaging by the owner, or mishandling by a carrier. Furthermore, it does not include protection against normal wear and tear, routine maintenance, or the replacement of consumable parts. These exclusions encompass scenarios such as using improper water or consumables, experiencing issues due to incorrect voltage or frequency as specified on the product's identification or specifications, scaling (with descaling required in accordance with usage instructions), accidents like fires, floods, or lightning strikes, mechanical damage or overloading, harm to any glass or porcelain components within the product, professional or commercial usage, instances of stains, discoloration, plastic coloration over time, or scratches, product use in an oven (unless the product is explicitly designed for this purpose), product impact or dropping, burns resulting from exposure to heat or flame, cleaning in a dishwasher (unless the product is specifically designed for it), and damage arising from thermal shocks.

About T-fal

In 1954, inspired by his wife's suggestion and drawing from his experience in coating fishing gear, Marc Grégoire applied the same principle to her pans. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Two years later, T-fal was born, dedicated to crafting non-stick frying pans and becoming the pioneering force in non-stick cookware. This breakthrough marked a revolutionary leap towards simplifying people's lives. Consequently, their journey of innovation began, ceaselessly seeking fresh solutions to enhance your daily life. As a result, they achieved milestones like inventing the first cordless iron, granting you the freedom to move while ironing, among many other innovations.

Products of T-fal

Grills Air Fryers Fryers Electric Pressure Cookers Stovetop Pressure Cookers Steam Irons

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