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3 Simple Steps for STIHL Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • STIHL does not provide you with account creation procedures. Instead, you can directly register your product by providing the necessary personal and product details.

  • You can register your product and submit it electronically to STIHL Incorporated within ten (10) days of purchase. It is always recommended to have your product registered. However, It is not mandatory for a warranty service.

Step 2:

  • Every product purchased from STIHL will be accompanied by a copy of the product instruction manual, which includes information on the STIHL Limited Warranty Policy. Please go through it to know the accurate details of your warranty. You can also make use of their website for this purpose.

  • In case of a defect, You can send the product to any authorized STIHL dealer along with proof of purchase like a sales invoice. They will inspect your product, define its eligibility for the claim, and let you know about further proceedings and processes.

Step 3:

  • Please use their contact form to get in touch with the support team of STIHL. You will have to provide all your basic details along with your detailed address including city, state, zip code and email address. YOu will also have to select the topic, subject and category of your contact and provide a detailed description of it.

  • In addition, They maintain various FAQ pages to educate you on most of the concerns you might have as a customer. There is also a page for you to download your product manuals.

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    Warranty Now

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Phone Number


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Contact Address

STIHL Incorporated,
536 Viking Drive,
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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What is covered under the STIHL Warranty?

The limited warranty of STIHL applies only to the products that are purchased from authorized STIHL retailers within the country of purchase. It is always claimable only by the original/first purchaser of the particular product. All forms of failure due to defects in workmanship and material during the applicable warranty period will be covered by this plan. The defect will be repaired or replaced at the option of STIHL at no cost to the purchaser. This will be scheduled and completed in accordance with the normal workflow of the authorized STIHL dealer to whom the product is delivered for service depending upon the availability of replacement parts. You can also question the claim if you are not satisfied with the results.

  • 3-Month Limited Warranty For Commercial & Professional Purposes.

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty: Gasoline Powered & Electric Chain Saws.

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty: Powered Trimmers, Brushcutters, Clearing Saws, Blowers, Gasoline-Powered Sprayers, Vacuum/Shredders, Hedge Trimmers, Edgers, Tree Pruners & Power Sweepers.

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty: Battery Powered Tools, Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers.

What is NOT covered under the STIHL Warranty?

STIHL limited warranty does not cover and damage or defect due to repairs or replacements or any failure resulting from such repairs or replacements not performed by an authorized STIHL dealer; any failure resulting from the use of parts or components not supplied by STIHL; repairs made necessary by gasoline containing more than 10% (E10) ethanol content (i.e. E15, E25, E30, E50, E85); Items or service required when performing normal and regular maintenance of the product including but not limited to valve adjustments, spark plugs, filters, lubricants, starter cords, carburetor adjustments, engine tune-ups, sharpening, cleaning of combustion deposits, winterizing materials, storage, etc; parts or components not supplied by STIHL, or STIHL parts or components that have been modified; normal adjustments, recommended maintenance, or storage preparation as described in the instruction manual supplied with the product; epairs made necessary by normal wear, improper maintenance, improper lubrication, improper storage, dirt, abrasives, impact, moisture, water, water mineral deposits, rain, snow, freezing, rust, corrosion, varnish, stale fuel, gasoline additives, fuel deposits, carbon deposits, oil deposits or other similar conditions; Any failure that results from accident, impact, abuse, misuse, neglect, mishandling, dulling of cutting edges, or failure to operate, maintain, or store the product in accordance with the information provided in the instruction manual supplied with the product; any failure caused by lubricants not supplied or recommended by STIHL; improper voltage for electric products and batteries that have been exposed to temperatures beyond those specified in the product’s instruction manual, batteries that have not been properly charged or batteries that have reached their useful life; repairs made necessary due to improper oil mix ratios or the use of oils and other lubricants not specified in the product’s instruction manual and failures resulting from the use of improper tools or improper repair procedures. They are not liable for freight costs and transportation charges if any are associated with the claim and for any incidental or consequential damages in the product.


STIHL, basically from Germany is a renowned manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld power equipment including blowers and trimmers. “To ease peoples’ work with and in nature” is the concept they rely on to create wonderful products that ease the lives of many professionals. They always design products to meet the needs of the customer. This has made them thrive for a long time since their establishment in 1926. Innovative ideas, in-house know-how and meticulous craftsmanship have helped them create a large customer base around the world. You must definitely consider STIHL for your next chainsaw purchase!

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