3 Simple Steps for Bombas Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Be sure to create your Bombas user account promptly after purchasing any Bombas product. This will unlock various benefits such as free shipping, order updates, and more.

  • You have the option to sign in easily using your Google or Facebook account. Alternatively, you can create an account using your email address if preferred.

Step 2:

  • Bombas offers a "Happiness Guarantee" policy on all its products. Therefore, any defective product within the return period can be claimed free of charge with the necessary proofs provided.

  • Please utilize their product return page for this matter. You'll need to input your order number and shipping zip code or email address to initiate the process. Additionally, you'll be required to provide any other necessary details to finalize the process.

Step 3:

  • The Bombas help center is your primary destination as a customer to address any issues, questions, or concerns regarding their products and services. It contains a wealth of FAQ-style questions designed to provide you with comprehensive information.

  • They also curate a range of helpful resources such as product guides, size guides, and more to assist you comprehensively.

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Contact Address

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What is covered under the Bombas Warranty?

At their discretion, Bombas will either replace or refund the product based on material and workmanship defects. Notably, you can also make claims for products lost in the laundry, damaged by pets, experiencing size issues, repurposed as sock puppets, lost with luggage, or showing signs of wear, tear, or developing holes. According to their terms, conditions, and limitations, they will furnish you with an item of similar or comparable value to the original purchase, delivered to the address linked to your account.

  • 100% happiness guarantee

What is NOT covered under the Bombas Warranty?

Bombas Replacement Claims are subject to significant limitations. Claims that are generated through scripts, macros, or any other automated means, or by methods that undermine the claim process, will be deemed invalid. Additionally, claims for items that are lost, late, incomplete, damaged, delayed, inaccurate, stolen, misdirected, undelivered, or garbled are not covered. The program does not cover any difficulties, whether human, mechanical, electronic, computer-related, network-related, typographical, or printing errors, associated with the Bombas Replacement Program offer. This includes errors or difficulties in administering any offer and any resulting injuries, losses, or damages, including death, directly or indirectly resulting from participation in any Bombas Replacement Program offer. Items provided as part of the Bombas Replacement Program offer will not activate a donation item and must not be offered for resale. Bombas reserves the right to cancel, amend, or modify the terms of the claim at their sole discretion, depending on the circumstances.

About Bombas

Bombas, initially known for its socks, expanded its offerings to include T-shirts in 2019. With each purchase, the company commits to donating a clothing item to a homeless shelter or related charity. Founded in 2013 by Randy Goldberg and David Heath, Bombas was inspired by the realization that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters. Their mission began with donating a pair of socks for every pair sold. Every product undergoes rigorous testing for comfort and durability, reflecting their ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement. After all, the better your attire, the better you feel in any activity.

Products of Bombas

Bralettes Hipsters Socks Briefs Trunks Short Sleeves Long Sleeves T-Shirts

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