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3 Simple Steps for SteelSeries Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registration is not as important because the products are designed to be used immediately after unboxing by SteelSeries. In case you have no knowledge of setting up your device, simply read the product information guidebook.

  • No issues with the warranty claiming process even if you fail to register your products. Having any receipts from the purchase of your device is sufficient for making the claim. The products cannot be ordered unless you have an account.

Step 2:

  • The newly received products, including apparel, should be returned within 30 days. Made-to-order items do not fall under the return policy.

  • If the products received from the official website do not meet your expectations, you are eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee starting from the day you receive the product.

  • The refund encompasses solely the total amount specified on your receipt and does not incorporate the expense associated with shipping the order back.

  • SteelSeries uses your original form of payment to credit the refund amount. The processing time of the refund may be up to two weeks.

Step 3:

  • The support page offers a comprehensive solution for various queries, encompassing the majority of categories. Simply clicking will allow you to access the desired topic.

  • They offer a non-transferable warranty applicable only to the original purchaser in the country. You are guided to visit the regional distributor for warranty services only for products purchased from a third-party SteelSeries reseller.

  • Utilizing an RMA coupon code on the official website does not alter the warranty terms or the applicable product, and EU regulations govern this provision.

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What is covered under the SteelSeries Warranty?

The warranty specifically addresses defects arising from manufacturing processes. When making warranty claims, the coverage extends to receiving a replacement product of the same type from their online store. For items obtained through a warranty claim, utilizing an RMA code, the warranty period is either 30 days from the receipt of the replacement product or from the original purchase date of the product for which the warranty claim was initiated—whichever duration is longer. This applies particularly or with additional considerations if you are situated in the European Union (EU).

  • 1-year warranty on most of the products

What is NOT covered under the SteelSeries Warranty?

Warranty coverage excludes damages resulting from regular wear and tear, encompassing instances such as breakage due to abuse, improper usage, water damage, or other causes unrelated to the manufacturing process. Items obtained through giveaways, prize winnings, contests, etc., are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, products labeled as "used" or "pre-owned" when purchased from resellers are void of warranty. The same applies to products listed as "refurbished" or "renewed.

About SteelSeries

For two decades, SteelSeries has been at the forefront of innovating cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing gaming performance. Since 2001, SteelSeries has played a pivotal role in the realm of esports and professional gaming. Starting from sponsoring the inaugural professional players to developing products tailored for professional teams and elevating outstanding gamers to international stardom, SteelSeries has consistently contributed to the industry's growth, supporting gamers worldwide. Their collaborations with pro teams transcend mere sponsorships; they represent true partnerships. SteelSeries is committed to crafting products that propel professional gaming beyond conventional boundaries, making gaming both more competitive and enjoyable.

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