• 30 Nov, 2023

To register a product in BlueParrott and claim warranty, you can follow these steps.

3 Simple Steps for BlueParrott Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registering your product is the first and foremost step with BlueParrott. Your name, email, address details, and type of product have to be entered in the enrollment form.

  • There are a lot of perks given by BlueParrott after the completion of the registration process. Among them, they provide a one-time valid 20% discount voucher through email to be used for the purchase of any Jabra earbuds or headphones from the Jabra website.

Step 2:

  • The warranty grants you certain legal entitlements. Your additional rights may differ depending on your location. The warranty does not impact your legal statutory rights as per the relevant national or local laws applicable to you.

  • In certain jurisdictions, the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or implied warranties may not be permitted, and thus, the aforementioned exclusions may not be applicable to you.

  • The flawed product, your contact info, any reasons that you have for returning, and proof of purchase must be provided to the manufacturer for the warranty service to commence. In the absence of proof of purchase, the warranty period will initiate based on the product's serial number.

Step 3:

  • Support is categorized into sales and stores, each with distinct contact methods. The adept and experienced customer team members are available to address inquiries related to orders, compatibility guides, and product support.

  • The authorized reseller should receive the product in its original packaging, if available, or in packaging that provides an equivalent level of protection.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Mon-Sun: 8am - 5pm (EST)

Contact Address

900 Chelmsford Street, Tower II,
8th Floor, Lowell, MA-01851,

What is covered under the BlueParrott Warranty?

GN Audio provides a warranty to the end-user who purchases the product from an authorized reseller. This warranty assures that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a specified limited period, as outlined in the terms. The coverage starts from the date of purchase, contingent upon presenting proof of purchase from an authorized reseller. Within the warranty period, GN Audio, at its sole discretion, may opt to (a) repair the product using new or refurbished parts, (b) replace the product with a new or refurbished one, or (c) if repair or replacement is impractical or cannot be done promptly, GN Audio may choose to refund the purchase price paid for the affected product. This warranty underscores GN Audio's commitment to addressing any defects and ensuring customer satisfaction within the specified terms.

  • 180-day warranty on Manufacturer Refurbished Products

  • 1-year warranty on BlueParrott products

  • 2-year warranty on C300-XT MS/B450-XT MS

What is NOT covered under the BlueParrott Warranty?

The warranty becomes void if there are any alterations or removal of the factory-applied serial number, date code label, or product label from the product. Additionally, the warranty does not extend to cover defects or damages arising from various circumstances, including improper storage, misuse, abuse, accidents, or neglect leading to physical damage like cracks or scratches. It excludes damages resulting from contact with liquids, extreme environmental conditions such as humidity or perspiration, exposure to elements like sand or dirt, extreme heat, or food. The warranty is not applicable if the product or accessories are subjected to abnormal usage or conditions. Acts that are not the fault of GN, such as the loss of the headset or headphones, are also not covered. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply to products that have not been charged for a continuous period of six months.

About BlueParrott

For more than 25 years, BlueParrott has been dedicated to serving professional drivers and enterprise workers like yourself. Drawing on VXi's extensive experience with mobile devices, their solutions are meticulously designed to provide unmatched levels of noise cancellation, comfort, and durability. Based in Dover, New Hampshire, their products have gained widespread sales, support, and admiration globally. They are at the forefront of intelligent, noise-canceling audio solutions. By engineering top-tier microphones and integrating them with unparalleled noise-canceling technology, they bring you BlueParrott headsets—delivering superior call quality in high-noise environments.

Products of BlueParrott

BlueParrott S650-XT BlueParrott S450-XT BlueParrott M300-XT SE BlueParrott M300-XT BlueParrott C400-XT

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