3 Simple Steps for Netatmo Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Netatmo follows no product registration procedure, and they have a non-typical method to contact them. To get in touch with them, a request can be made by clicking the links for questions that will fulfill your needs.

  • The request submission is only possible after you create an account by providing your email, password, and country where you have resided.

  • The process for submitting the request is more or less similar to the account creation process with the fields for files to be attached.

Step 2:

  • The products purchased on the online store qualify for the 60-day return policy from the date the package is delivered to you, and no amount is charged for the return if the products are returned within a fixed time duration.

  • Three kinds of information need to be submitted during the return process: order number or purchase invoice, reference, and quantity of the returned product, and the reason for return, which is not mandatory.

  • Netatmo takes a 14-day time period to process your refund. In case you don't receive the refund, please contact the customer support team members.

Step 3:

  • For your convenience, they have curated an extensive range of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that may address any queries you have in mind.

  • Simply navigate through their official website, which provides a step-by-step guide about their rules and regulations.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Contact Address

73 Rue de Sèvres,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt,

What is covered under the Netatmo Warranty?

The warranty encompasses products exhibiting defects within the specified warranty period. Netatmo, at its discretion, will either repair or replace defective products. For repairs, Netatmo will exclusively utilize new parts.

  • 1-year warranty

What is NOT covered under the Netatmo Warranty?

The warranty will not be considered valid under the following conditions: if the product does not exhibit any material and/or manufacturing defect if the product serial number is illegible or missing, or if the product has undergone changes, adaptations, repairs, or corrections by a party other than NETATMO or an authorized representative of Netatmo. Furthermore, the warranty is void if the product has been handled, stored, installed, tested, or used without adhering to the documentation provided by Netatmo, or if it has been damaged due to abuse, negligence, lack of care, accidents, or incorrect use.

About Netatmo

Netatmo Canada unfolds as a narrative of skilled and dedicated individuals collaborating towards a shared objective. Their ambition extends beyond crafting aesthetically pleasing products; they aspire to construct an exceptional company. Established in 2011, Netatmo, a French enterprise, embodies innovation at its core. Their overarching mission is to develop intelligent, practical, and groundbreaking products that genuinely enhance home intelligence. A member of the Legrand Group since 2018, Netatmo upholds these values to foster unity, creativity, and excellence. Their achievements include securing over 20 awards for all their products since their inception.

Products of Netatmo

Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren Smart Thermostat Smart Home Weather Station Smart Indoor Camera Smart Door Lock and Keys

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