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  • Your model and serial number, type, and date of installation, name of the installer, and his company name, and personal information with email and phone number are important to register your product.

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  • Browsing their website offers you access to the warranty details for your water heater. State Water Heaters are protected by a limited warranty.

  • Only the original owner is eligible to claim the warranty as per the warranty terms and conditions outlined.  In case of a glass-lined tank leak in this water heater, State Water Heaters is committed to offering the original owner a replacement unit of the equivalent size and the most up-to-date model available.

  • You will get replacement parts for any component that fails to operate. Consumable maintenance parts like sacrificial anode rods are exempted from the warranty scheme.

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  • You are able to contact the experienced and talented customer service team. You can get the response within one or two days.

  • Below the contact details, you will find a form with fewer fields than the registration form, to be submitted.

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What is covered under the State Water Heaters Warranty?

The warranty is applicable under the following conditions: The product must be installed and operated in compliance with local fire codes, plumbing codes, ordinances, and regulations. It should adhere to the instructions provided with it, follow good industry practices, and maintain proper safety practices. This includes having a suitably sized drain pan if installed in an area where leakage from tank connections could lead to adjacent damage. The warranty is valid for the original purchaser.
The product must be filled with potable water, free to circulate, and free from damaging water sediment or scale deposits. It should be used in a non-corrosive and uncontaminated atmosphere, with factory-approved anode(s) in place and in its original installation location. The warranty applies when the product is within the United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada. Proper sizing techniques for the products must be employed, and the rating plate should remain unaltered. The product should be used in an open system or, in the case of a closed system, with a correctly sized and installed thermal expansion tank. It must be operated at the factory-rated input using the specified fuel and with the inner and outer combustion chamber doors in place. Additionally, proper maintenance in accordance with the instructions in the provided manual is essential to maintain warranty coverage.

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on Parts

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on Combination Boilers

What is NOT covered under the State Water Heaters Warranty?

The warranty becomes void under several circumstances, including improper gas supply line sizing, incorrect gas type, venting, connections, combustion air, voltage, wiring, or fusing. It is also not valid if there's sediment or lime scale buildup due to poor water quality, or if the installation, sizing, delivery, or maintenance is done incorrectly. Failure to adhere to the printed instructions enclosed with the product, abuse, misuse, accidents, fires, floods, or Acts of God will also nullify the warranty. Other conditions that void the warranty include improper venting and air intake materials, their length, construction, or operations, claims related to rust, excessive noise, or changes in the taste or smell of water. Failure to perform the startup process as outlined in the manual or neglecting proper maintenance, as specified in the manufacturer's instruction manuals, will also impact the warranty's validity. Damages resulting from a failure to account for thermal expansion, alterations that change the product's intended or certified use, or failure to comply with applicable codes will void the warranty. Additionally, it is not valid for improper chemical additions, or service trips to explain the correct installation, usage, or maintenance of the product/unit, or to describe compliance requirements under applicable codes and regulations. Charges related to accessing the product, including door/wall removal, equipment rental, and more, are not covered. The warranty does not include replacement parts after its expiration or any premiums associated with after-hours or overtime labor.

About State Water Heaters

Back in 1946, Herbert Lindahl, Sr. established State Water Heaters as a small entrepreneurial venture, crafting coal and wood-burning stoves in a garage located in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the ensuing years, State Water Heaters underwent significant growth and emerged as a prominent figure in the water heating industry. This was achieved through unwavering dedication to exploring novel materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative engineering approaches. The company has launched an entirely new product range, encompassing the Premium™ and Select™ models.

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