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3 Simple Steps for Soundcore Headphones Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The warranty processing form slightly differs according to the location where you made the purchase. In general, you have to fill out the information related to your contact, address, and proof of purchase. The size limit of the proof of purchase is 10 MB.

  • Warranty claims for product defects are valid for 90 days after initiating the claim. Claims cannot be processed for items beyond their original warranty period or the extended 90-day claim request period, whichever duration is longer.

Step 2:

  • The undamaged products that you want to return must be returned within thirty days from the date of purchase. By following the rules mentioned in the policy, you can be eligible to receive a full refund. You should use the original packaging, enclosing all accessories, during the return process.

  • Requests for refunds under the 30-day money-back guarantee must be made within 30 days of initiating the warranty claim. After this period, refund requests for non-quality issues cannot be processed. The shipping cost has to be paid by consumers for the products that have no quality issues.

Step 3:

  • To make you comfortable, you can look at the numerous emails provided for each department. The customer support team serves as a one-stop solution for all problems, as it has covered all topics. Rather than visiting each section, you can proceed with your warranty claim from them.

  • The model number is provided in the history of the account, and the packaging or manual comes with the products. Apart from finding the serial number on the last two, it can be found on the sticker or tag.

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What is covered under the Soundcore Headphones Warranty?

Soundcore provides a straightforward warranty that is processed in the most hassle-free way possible. Products sold by Soundcore as refurbished (“pre-owned”) come with their own unique warranty that you can find on the product listing.

  • 12-month warranty on LED light strips

  • 18-month warranty on headphones and speakers

What is NOT covered under the Soundcore Headphones Warranty?

The warranty policy does not extend to products lacking ample proof of purchase, those that have been lost or stolen, or items that have surpassed their warranty period. Additionally, non-quality-related issues reported after 30 days of purchase, free products, repairs conducted by third parties, and damage resulting from external sources or misuse of the products are not covered. Furthermore, purchases made from illegitimate sources fall outside the warranty coverage.

About Soundcore Headphones

The rhythm of daily life synchronizes with Soundcore's progress, motivating individuals to excel. It drives them forward, enhancing each journey to its fullest potential. Soundcore's core mission is to uphold this rhythm faithfully, ensuring that momentum remains unwavering as they strive to make each day their best yet. In 2023, Soundcore unveils its flagship true-wireless earbuds, Liberty 4 NC, offering noise reduction of up to 98.5% and introducing the world's first portable high-fidelity speaker. Soundcore Frames and Liberty 3 Pro earn recognition with iF Design and CES Awards in 2022. And in 2021, Soundcore's Q20 headphones become the best-selling over-ear headphones in the US.

Products of Soundcore Headphones

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