3 Simple Steps for Sony Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You should consider registering yourself after buying any of the Sony products. It can be the best place to store and access all your details related to your product. You can also track your orders, register your product, apply for returns and access your store credit through the account.

  • In the first step, You must choose your country name, language and date of birth followed by your working email address along with a strong password and first & last name.

Step 2:

  • Even though product registration does not affect the warranty, it is always good to keep your products registered.

  • All of your personal details like first & last name, address with zip code(mandatory) and your current email address and phone number have to be provided. Product details to be included are model number, serial number(optional), purchase date, date of delivery and price paid(optional) along with retailer’s name mandatorily.

  • You can use this registration for warranty claims in future if needed. They maintain dedicated pages to apply for repair and replacement requests for all of your Sony products.

Step 3:

  • Since Sony deals with numerous products, They have diverse customer support to satisfy their huge customer base. Each product has a dedicated team of professionals who can help you sort out any kind of issues and concerns.

  • Sony also has informative FAQs and manual download pages where you can know everything about your product by providing the model name.

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Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 9 AM - 9 PM (ET) & Sat-Sun: 10 AM - 8 PM(ET)

Contact Address

550 Madison Avenue,
New York, NY 10022,
United States.

What is covered under the Sony Warranty?

Sony’s warranty plan covers all of their products against any form of defects in workmanship and material for the specified period of time only to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. Make sure you buy the products directly from Sony or only authorized retailers of Sony to claim a warranty. In case you face any problem or defect, Sony will find the possibilities of repair and go to replace it with a refurbished one. If not they will refund your purchase cost at their sole discretion. Note that it can be claimed only in the country of purchase.

  • 30-Day Return Policy.

  • 1 to 5-Year Warranty Depending On The Type Of Product.

  • Extended Warranty Plans Available.

What is NOT covered under the Sony Warranty?

There are specific damages that are not covered by the warranty plan of Sony. This includes damages due to Acts of God, customer instruction, installation, set-up adjustments or signals that are not recommended by Sony, misuse, improper care and maintenance, limitations of technology and unauthorized modification. Additionally, Claiming for products with changed or altered serial numbers; loss of date, money, or business due to indirect, consequential and incidental damages because of inability to handle the product; software, batteries & fuse failure and Sony products sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS or consumables automatically void the claim.

About Sony

Sony is obviously a world-famous company known for its top-notch products to serve their esteemed customers. Sony is aimed at creating and delivering wholesome entertainment experiences to more people than anyone on the earth. They have a hold on various industries like electronics, entertainment, music and much more. Trendy products that satisfy the hot market have made them become a global leader in selling numerous products to various countries of the world!

Products of Sony

TV & Home Theatre Imaging Audio Mobile Gaming Gear

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