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3 Simple Steps for Solaire Infrared Grills Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The primary step is submitting the personal and product details for warranty claims, which include name, address (where you have resided), email, purchase date, dealer name, grill model, and serial number. 

  • You have a maximum limit of six files to be uploaded, either as digital photos or videos in prescribed formats. The running time of the video should not exceed 30 seconds. There is a fixed size limit of 64MB for each picture or video.

Step 2:

  • The location of the serial and model number diverges according to the products manufactured by Solaire Infrared Grills. On the left side of the portables and tabletops, an identification plate can be found where you can locate those numbers.

  • The larger grills have the numbers inscribed on either the top or bottom side of the drip tray. After providing all the necessary details, click the submit button.

Step 3:

  • The warranty will not be valid if the unit was utilized for anything other than typical household purposes, nor does it cover alterations in the appearance of the finish or any discoloration.

  • Your prolonged doubts will be rectified by the customer support team members who have lots of experience in this sector.

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What is covered under the Solaire Infrared Grills Warranty?

Solaire Gas Grills guarantees that all grill components are free from factory defects in material and workmanship for a specified duration from the original date of purchase, applicable to the original purchaser.

  • 1-year warranty on all grill components

What is NOT covered under the Solaire Infrared Grills Warranty?

The warranty will not apply in cases of installation or initial start-up, routine adjustments to burners, gas regulators, and similar components, as well as damages resulting from accidents, modifications, improper use, abuse, exposure to harsh conditions, incorrect installation, or installation not compliant with local regulations. Additionally, the warranty does not cover maintenance tasks like cleaning igniters or general upkeep, shipping-related damages, service performed by unauthorized entities, repairs conducted by unauthorized parties, or the use of unauthorized parts. It also excludes repairs necessitated by factors such as overtime, weekends, holidays, improper installations like lacking a regulator or incorrect hook-up, and issues arising from non-standard usage. Moreover, on-site operational assistance provided to the user is not covered under the warranty terms.

About Solaire Infrared Grills

Solaire Gas Grills has roots dating back to 1907, established by Rasmus Rasmussen, a Danish immigrant and skilled blacksmith, in Whittier, CA. Continuing the family tradition, the Rasmussen family currently oversees the company, with Rett Rasmussen serving as President. Their grills have garnered praise over time and have been showcased on various esteemed television programs such as Good Morning America and Food Network’s Unwrapped. Each Solaire infrared gas grill is meticulously crafted, engineered, and produced within their U.S.-based facility.

Products of Solaire Infrared Grills

Infrared Gas Grills Outdoor Gas Grills Built-In Gas Grills Drawers Griddles

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