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3 Simple Steps for Shaws Of Darwen Sinks Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Shaws of Darwen's customer support is available to assist you with sales inquiries, technical questions, or general advice regarding their products. For general inquiries, please utilize the contact form.

  • Shaws sinks boast durability and longevity. Follow our guidance to safeguard and cherish your kitchen sink for years to come.

Step 2:

  • The Limited Lifetime warranty exclusively pertains to retail products. This warranty ensures ongoing coverage and support for the lifespan of the product, offering customers peace of mind and assurance in their investment.

  • Failure to adhere to proper installation procedures or accidental damage will render your warranty null and void. It is crucial to ensure that the product is installed correctly and handled with care to maintain warranty coverage.

Step 3:

  • To return the faulty or misdescribed products, you must authorize them to collect them from your location. To facilitate this process, please coordinate with the customer service team to arrange for the collection of the relevant products.

  • You can initiate this process by contacting them via phone. They will work with you to ensure a smooth and efficient return process.

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Phone Number

+44 01254 775111

Place a call to get more support for warranty claim

Contact Address

Waterside, Darwen,
Lancashire-BB3 3NX,
United Kingdom.

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What is covered under the Shaws Of Darwen Sinks Warranty?

Every sink bearing the Shaws brand comes with a Limited Lifetime* warranty. Additionally, decorative surfaces, O-rings, and basket strainers are covered for one year, contingent upon adherence to Shaws' specified care and maintenance guidelines, and the avoidance of abrasive or chemical substances.

  • 1-year guarantee on decorative surfaces, o-rings, and basket strainers

  • Limited lifetime warranty

What is NOT covered under the Shaws Of Darwen Sinks Warranty?

Items damaged due to misuse, abuse, or unforeseen events beyond control are not covered by the warranty policy. Furthermore, products not used in accordance with the instructions provided in the manuals are also not eligible for warranty coverage.

About Shaws Of Darwen Sinks

Shaws of Darwen is the familiar trading identity of a company specializing in fire clay sinks and various terracotta items. Established by Arthur Gerard Shaw in 1897, the company originated from the utilization of the abundant clay resources discovered at his father's Lancashire coal mines in the UK. Presently, Shaws boasts global renown for the aesthetic appeal, superior quality, expert craftsmanship, and functionality of its handcrafted goods. This reputation is underscored by the fact that all their products not only exhibit outstanding quality but also come with extensive warranties, ensuring complete peace of mind for customers.

Products of Shaws Of Darwen Sinks

Tea Towels Sink Grids Mini Sinks Rubber Mats Overflow Kits

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