3 Simple Steps for Fulgor Milano Appliances Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The provided online warranty registration form has to be filled out by USA and Canadian citizens only. Furthermore, nothing is going to happen to your consumer rights when you decide to avoid the registration form for the registration of your product.

  • Completing the contact information one time will be useful in registering more than one product. Entering into the product information section is possible after you furnish the essential details in the form.

Step 2:

  • These warranties are applicable solely within the contiguous states of the U.S.A., including the District of Columbia and Alaska, as well as in Canada. They are valid exclusively for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.

  • Furthermore, these warranties are only enforceable if the time elapsed between the purchase date and the product's production date is less than eighteen months. Products warehoused for a period exceeding this duration are only covered under Fulgor Milano's B-Stock warranty.

Step 3:

  • Similar information, such as product and contact details, which you provide in the enrollment form, along with the details related to the issue, should be typed in the message box when contacting the customer support team. This may assist them in reaching you easily.

  • You are also able to contact them in order to receive parts, service, and technical request forms. Service coverage extends only to locations where the product is installed.

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What is covered under the Fulgor Milano Appliances Warranty?

The Fulgor Milano warranty encompasses all parts and/or labor necessary for repairing or replacing any component of the product found to be defective in material or workmanship due to the original manufacturing process, provided the product is used normally in a residential setting. Any servicing carried out under the warranty must be conducted by an authorized servicer designated by Fulgor Milano unless expressly stated otherwise. Moreover, these warranties are applicable solely to products purchased from authorized dealers through approved distribution channels.

  • 1,2 and 5-year warranty on parts and labor

What is NOT covered under the Fulgor Milano Appliances Warranty?

The warranty does not extend to cover expenses related to off-site repairs unless explicitly approved by Fulgor Milano. Additionally, it does not include reimbursement for travel expenses incurred while servicing remote areas. These warranties specifically exclude coverage for any parts or labor required to rectify defects resulting from negligence, transportation, delivery, incorrect voltage, accidents, improper use, maintenance, installation, service, or repair. This encompasses, but is not limited to, improper handling such as removing handles to facilitate door passage before or during product delivery or installation.

About Fulgor Milano Appliances

Fulgor Milano places high importance on the quality of its products. A consistent narrative runs through the history of Fulgor Milano, intricately connected to the lineage of a family deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Italy's Veneto region. It all commences with an enterprising individual who, driven by a vision, channels artisanal expertise into crafting tools and components for appliances. A commitment to excellence, modern design, and the quintessentially Italian lifestyle serves as the driving force behind their ongoing pursuit of innovation and enhancement.

Products of Fulgor Milano Appliances

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