3 Simple Steps for SEIKO Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Customer service has expanded into three branches: instruction, FAQs, and knowledge. The knowledge section provides you with all kinds of watch models that they have as of now.

  • You will be instructed on how to find the caliber code, and you will get to know about the information on the usage of the models through the instruction manual.

Step 2:

  • There are numerous responses that have been given to the questions. Here, you can see what is essential for you. To get your old watches repaired, take your watch to the Authorized Seiko Service Center or a Seiko-appointed dealer.

  • For your watch battery to be replaced, to obtain accessories, or to address any issues you have, visit the service center or dealer mentioned above. If you need to adjust your watch strap, you can also meet the staff at the store where you made the purchase.

  • SEIKO advises you to obtain the guarantee booklet when you make the purchase. If you forget to do so, please contact the retailer, as you cannot receive it again.

Step 3:

  • Don't hesitate to contact the customer service center as they are clever and have solved many complicated situations.

  • To make use of this service, you will need to provide the guarantee certificate supplied by the retailer when you made your purchase.

  • It's crucial to keep in mind that, even within the warranty duration, places other than the store where you initially bought the watch may request payment for any necessary strap adjustments.

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What is covered under the SEIKO Warranty?

The warranty policy includes complimentary repair or adjustment services for any defects in the watch head (movement and case) and metallic band, as long as the watch was used in accordance with the instructions in the manual throughout the guaranteed period.

  • Every 3 years, your watch should be serviced

What is NOT covered under the SEIKO Warranty?

The warranty does not cover certain conditions, and in these cases, you may be responsible for the associated costs. These conditions include the exchange of leather, urethane, or fabric watch bands, issues or damage to the watch case, glass, or band resulting from accidents or improper use, problems or damage resulting from repairs performed by individuals not affiliated with their service network, scratches or dirt caused by regular wear, issues or damage resulting from natural disasters like fire, floods, or earthquakes, alterations to the text on the guarantee booklet or the absence of store name and purchase date on the guarantee certificate, failure to present the guarantee certificate when required, and battery replacement costs.


SEIKO Group Corporation, more commonly recognized as SEIKO, is a Japanese company specializing in the production of watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors, jewelry, and optical products. It was established in Tokyo in 1881 by Kintarō Hattori. SEIKO made history in 1969 by introducing the world's first commercially available quartz wristwatch. The brand is most renowned for its wristwatches. SEIKO possesses the capability to conceive, develop, and manufacture all the components of a timepiece, in addition to handling the assembly, calibration, inspection, and shipping processes in-house. SEIKO's mechanical watches are comprised of approximately 200 individual parts, and the company possesses the technology and manufacturing facilities to create each of these components internally.

Products of SEIKO

Prospex Presage Astron King SEIKO Coutura Diamond Collection SEIKO Premier

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