3 Simple Steps for Sebo Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • SEBO has offered warranty registration, also known as product registration, to commence the warranty claiming process. Your details of product, purchase, and contact need to be filled out in the provided form.

  • Critical fields include the product's serial number, purchase date, machine model, name, email ID, residential address, and the name of the store or website where you acquired the product. Your email ID serves the sole purpose of sending confirmation for warranty registration and is not used for any other purposes.

Step 2:

  • You don't have to pay for the repairs of the product that falls under warranty coverage and also freight costs are paid. Within three to five days, your product will be received by SEBO. Typically, the repairs are carried out on the same day, and afterward, the vacuum is shipped back using UPS.

  • SEBO is prepared to expedite the shipping of your products upon your request, provided you cover the additional expenses related to the designated express freight service.

  • Whether it is repair or warranty, you must have the proof of purchase, which is none other than the original purchase receipt, and mail in the warranty card that you received when you purchased your product.

Step 3:

  • The customer service team is at your disposal, offering guidance on self-help tasks like clog removal and assisting in coordinating any necessary repair services. They follow unique methods to solve your problem.

  • You can resolve the problems in two ways: one by seeking assistance over the phone, and the other by utilizing the instructional videos available on the official website.

  • They refer you to a nearby authorized SEBO retail store, where you can access the necessary repair services.

  • Upon evaluation, it is decided that the machine requires repair at SEBO's corporate office located in Centennial, Colorado. In such instances, the customer service team will furnish you with a Return Material Authorization number ("RMA") along with a pre-paid UPS Return Label.

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What is covered under the Sebo Warranty?

SEBO America or an Authorized Dealer offers original owners complimentary repair services, covering both labor and parts required to remedy any malfunction or defect in SEBO vacuum cleaners, power heads, DUO Brush Machines, or DISCO Polishers used within the scope of typical household applications during the warranty period, commencing on the product's purchase date. If you encounter an issue covered by the warranty, it is recommended to reach out to SEBO America or an Authorized SEBO Dealer for warranty repairs. This warranty exclusively applies to SEBO vacuum cleaners, associated power heads, DUO Brush Machines, and DISCO Polishers designated for residential use. Manufacturer-defective, unused bags and filters are also covered and will be replaced with the same items. Please note that this warranty is applicable only while your SEBO machine is physically within the United States of America and is limited to SEBO products purchased from Authorized SEBO Dealers in the United States. This warranty provides you with specific legal rights, and you may also possess additional legal rights that vary depending on your state's regulations.

  • 5-year limited warranty on parts and labor

  • 7-year limited warranty on motors

What is NOT covered under the Sebo Warranty?

The warranty will not apply in the following cases: for products that are second-hand or outside the warranty period, for machines that have not been assembled, used, or maintained as per the provided operating instructions, and for products, including machines, bags, filters, and spare parts, that are specifically designed for use in countries other than the USA. Additionally, defects or damage caused by the use of non-genuine SEBO parts, including bags, filters, spare parts, or machines with unauthorized modifications, will not be covered. The warranty is also void if defects or damage result from service or parts provided by a Non-Authorized SEBO Dealer. Furthermore, if filters have been washed and/or bags have been reused in the machines, warranty coverage is not applicable. The warranty does not extend to cover typical wear and tear, accidents, other casualties, misuse, neglect, improper use or maintenance, or any machine in which the serial number has been altered or removed. It does not include coverage for normal maintenance, such as removing clogs or cleaning brush rollers. Lastly, damage caused by external sources like liquids, hot materials, weather, or proximity to heat sources, such as fires, ovens, and radiators, is not included in the warranty. These SEBO machines used for commercial purposes do not come with a warranty.

About Sebo

Back in 1978, SEBO was founded by two engineers in Velbert, Germany. Since then, SEBO has risen to prominence as the preeminent manufacturer of top-tier commercial vacuum cleaners globally, with a presence in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Millions of SEBO vacuum cleaners have found their way into hotels, hospitals, schools, and even The White House. SEBO made its initial entry into the U.S. marketplace in 1979, primarily serving commercial-cleaning customers. Subsequently, in 1984, it introduced its DUO-P Cleaning Powder, followed by the introduction of household vacuums in 1997. Today, SEBO is recognized as synonymous with high-quality vacuum cleaners in both commercial and retail markets around the world.

Products of Sebo

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