3 Simple Steps for ROLEX Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Rolex doesn’t follow account creation or product registration procedures. Every product purchased from Rolex will have all information stored at their end and peculiar details of the particular product will be provided to you which you can use in situations like claims.

  • Warranty Valet can help you with this concern by being the best platform to store all your product and warranty details and access it in case you wish to claim. Our experts can also undertake the claim process in place of you to make it successful as they have expertise.

Step 2:

  • Rolex provides all of its products with a guarantee instead of a warranty. It comes in a card along with a product. It serves the purpose of verification, authenticating your watch, and adding advantage to its resale value.

  • The warranty card has the details including the watch’s serial number, model number, bracelet reference number, and dial design along with a code to designate the country of purchase. This will be considered when you apply for the claim.

  • The card is valid only if you have to have purchased your watch from an official Rolex retailer; have been filled in completely by the official retailer at the time of purchase and bought in hand to the place of claim.

  • You can walk into any authorized Rolex retailer for the purpose and have it fixed when you are eligible for the claim after their detailed inspection.

Step 3:

  • Rolex provides its customers with precise support. Their online support provides you with FAQs that are highly informative and can clear most of your common doubts. Additionally, They maintain a page to help you find the authorized Rolex retailer near you.

  • You must always consider visiting the authorized retailers for all of your queries and concerns. They have the expertise to help you out with any problem you face with the products of Rolex.

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What is covered under the ROLEX Warranty?

Rolex warranty has very strict limitations on what is covered in their warranty. On the note, they always cover any type of manufacturing defects which when they do occur it’s something on the inside with the mechanics of the watch. This may include a lack of precision and reliability, any type of factory flaws, or any kind of defect in the operation of the watch. Additionally, like any other luxury brand, Rolex offers warranty transfer options. Any second owner is free to claim the warranty under specified terms. The warranty card is mandatory too in these types of claims. Servicing the product will never come under the warranty department hence you will have to pay if you send the product for service.

  • 5-Year International Guarantee

  • Extended 2-Year Guarantee after the expiry of first warranty available

What is NOT covered under the ROLEX Warranty?

Rolex warranty always excludes claims for damages that are due to scratches on the crystal, case, bracelet, or bezel due to improper care & maintenance; falls under normal wear and tear; altering the watch in any way with non-Rolex components and services by unauthorized sources. It also does not cover loss, theft, or damage caused by misuse of the watch and damages to your watch because of wearing like normal breaking down of non-metal bracelets and straps. Please note that any work carried out by third parties will render the guarantee null and void.


Rolex, basically from Geneva, Switzerland is the most known luxury watch brand around the globe for its exciting collection of high-priced and quality watches. It is more like a status symbol among rich people to showcase their wealth in public. Each of their products is highly focussed on design and manufacture to provide their customers with a luxury feel every time they wear it! Having a Rolex is a part of the life of a Billionaire!

Products of ROLEX

GMT-Master II Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Deepsea Sky-Dweller Submariner Yacht-Master

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