3 Simple Steps for Ring Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Purchase a Ring product either from the Ring website directly or from an authorized retailer.

  • Keep the original receipt or invoice as evidence of purchase. Visit the official Ring website through a web browser.

  • If you do not already have a Ring account, create one by providing the necessary information, including your email and password.

  • Use the credentials you have provided to access your Ring account.

Step 2:

  • To register your Ring product, go to the “Product Registration” section on Ring’s website. Here, you’ll need to provide your purchased Ring product information, such as the product name, the serial number, and the date you purchased it.

  • Keep a copy of your registration confirmation, which can be sent to you in the form of a confirmation email or via your Ring account.

Step 3:

  • If you need to file a warranty claim, just give Ring's customer support a call. You can usually find their contact info on Ring's website or in the paperwork you get with your product. Just follow their instructions and give them any documentation they need right away.

  •  Follow their instructions on how to file a warranty claim and make sure you submit the forms or evidence on time.

  • Keep in mind that warranty processes can be different, so it's best to check out Ring's official website or give their customer support a call for the latest info on how to register and claim a warranty for your product.

  • During the warranty process, Ring may provide you with one of the following solutions: either a warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

Phone Number


Mon - Fri : 5AM - 9PM MST (US)

Contact Address

1523 26th St,
Santa Monica,
California- 90404, United States.

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What is covered under the Ring Warranty?

If you own a RING product, you can be sure that the warranty will cover any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. This could be something like a video doorbell, security camera, or any other home security system. The warranty usually covers the repair or replacement of the product within a certain period of time from when you bought it. It's important to keep in mind that warranty coverage can vary depending on your product and where you bought it. Check out the warranty terms and conditions from RING to see exactly how much you can get covered and if there are any restrictions or exclusions.

  • Most Ring cameras come with a 1 year warranty, but the Ring Protect Plus plan adds lifetime coverage as long as you're a paying subscriber.

What is NOT covered under the Ring Warranty?

Warranties don't always cover everything, but there are some things that usually aren't covered. Things that are usually not covered include damage from bad installation, misuse, accident, or not doing the right repairs. Other things that aren't covered include normal wear & tear, cosmetic damage, and damaged consumable parts. The warranty might not cover damage from natural disasters, power outages, or theft. You can also void the warranty if you change the product or use a non-RING accessory. It's important to check the terms and conditions for a specific RING warranty to see exactly what's not covered.

About Ring

Ring is the go-to brand for all your home security needs. Whether you're looking for a video doorbell, security camera, or alarm system, Ring has got you covered. Their products are easy to use, have smart features, and work together seamlessly, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

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