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3 Simple Steps for PUMA Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Please create your Puma user account immediately after buying their products. This will help you create a wishlist, store your purchase details and check orders and returns. It is also necessary if you want to claim for your product.

  • Puma does not practice product registration procedures, hence you can consider options like Warranty Valet to store and access all your necessary warranty details of your product which we lose most of the time. Additionally, Our experts will initiate the claim in place of you and help you complete the claim successfully.

Step 2:

  • Please login to your user account if you wish to claim your product. You will have an option for returning the product in the specific order history of the product. Please enter your return details with any additional feedback you wish to give.

  • You will be provided with a prepaid return label which you can use to send the product to their place. They will evaluate it and let you know about future proceedings.

  • If not, you can use their return portal to initiate the claim. Your order number, billing postal code and email address would be required for the purpose. You can also directly get in touch with the authorized retailer or the Puma store near you to initiate the process.

  • If eligible, You will be provided with a RMA number to begin the process and get the preferred repair or replacement of the product.

Step 3:

  • Puma maintains dedicated and friendly customer support to cope with a large customer base around the world. You can always get in touch with them for your concerns, questions and comments. They will be happy to listen to you and provide you with the expected service.

  • Either jumping into a call with them or texting them through mails, will provide you with a proper response from their end. Additionally, They also maintain informative FAQ pages to educate you about their products, procedures and processes.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Mon-Sun: 7 AM - Midnight (EST)

Contact Address

Puma Corporate Office,
455 Grand Union Blvd, Somerville,
MA 02145, United States

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What is covered under the PUMA Warranty?

Puma provides all of the products manufactured by them with limited warranty only to the original end-user purchaser of the product and to no other person or entity (including without limitation any indirect or direct transferees of the product from the customer). On that note, The product will be free from all forms of defects and imperfections in workmanship and material under normal use and maintenance. Puma has the ultimate authority to evaluate the product and determine the eligibility of the product in the claim. Puma at their sole discretion will either repair or replace the product without charge to the customer. Make sure you have the necessary proof of purchase and necessary product details before initiating the claim.

  • 45-Day Return Policy.

  • 180-Day Warranty Period For All Of Their Products.

What is NOT covered under the PUMA Warranty?

Puma’s limited warranty does not cover, shall have no liability or obligation with respect to, any problem or damage that results from failure to adequately maintain the product, including proper cleaning and leather conditioning; wear and tear, including wear holes, snags and worn stitching; alterations, modifications or repair work performed by anyone other than Puma; chemical or other foreign body contamination; cuts, abrasions, or damage resulting from accident, neglect, misuse or from other than normal and ordinary use of the product; use of any safety-toe (NMT, steel toe or alloy toe) boot after the boot has sustained an initial impact in excess of the specified ASTM rating for such boot; The safety toe may be shattered or otherwise damaged as a result of such impact and the boots should not thereafter be used in any environment that requires a safety toe and due to improper or inadequate fit (once footwear product has been worn/used).

About PUMA

Puma, basically from Germany, is a giant in the world market of athletic & casual footwear and apparel varieties. They have a strong customer base throughout the world for their quality products that are trendy and handy too. Since its establishment in 1948, Puma has evolved to be the love brand because of its comfortable products that are high in quality and eye-grabbing in the sports and fashion segment.

Products of PUMA

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