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Step 1:

  • Prior to submitting the form, you must first complete the registration process for your products. This entails supplying your personal information, product details, and any other necessary information.

  • Your order can be tracked easily as soon as you create an account. Having an account not only helps you check your order status but also facilitates instant checkouts, receiving promotions in advance, viewing your past orders, and maintaining a personal address book.

Step 2:

  • You can return new, unused, and undamaged products received directly from ProTeam during the provided sixty days of receipt. Follow the return policy guidelines of that company for the products purchased from a distributor or other source.

  • A representative from ProTeam thoroughly inspects the returned product before approving the refund. If any damages or malpractices are found, they have the authority to deny the refund.

  • They can contact you to explore the choice of covering the return costs for the product or to request that ProTeam handles the product disposal at their own cost.

Step 3:

  • The customer team members of ProTeam have rectified numerous problems by providing the exact answers to the customers that they are looking for. Delivering outstanding customer service is their ultimate aim.

  • Please use the form to contact them, and you will receive updates and offers about ProTeam and accessories based on the details you provide.

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What is covered under the ProTeam Warranty?

The limited warranty is valid for all ProTeam, Inc. products and is exclusively offered to the original purchaser. It ensures that all products will be free from material and workmanship defects, including labor costs related to them, during normal use and service, starting from the original purchase date and extending for the specified duration. Please note that the limited warranty becomes void if you transfer the product to another individual or entity.

  • 1-year limited warranty on ProGuard 4 Portable Wet/Dry and ProGuard LI 3 Cordless motors

  • 2-year limited warranty on GoFree® Flex Pro II and GoFit Cordless motors

  • 2-year limited warranty on GoFit Cordless battery packs and chargers and GoFree Flex Pro II chargers

What is NOT covered under the ProTeam Warranty?

The warranty does not cover typical wear and tear on the product, as well as its attachments and accessories. This includes but is not limited to, extension cords, cord holders, hoses, filters, switches, motor carbon brushes, wands, floor tools, detachable accessories, wheels, brush rollers, belts, bumpers/plates, straps, and buckles. It also does not cover motor damage or burnout that occurs due to failure to clear a blockage during regular use. Additionally, any loss or damage to the product resulting from factors beyond ProTeam's control, such as misuse, accidents, abuse, neglect, negligence (excluding ProTeam's negligence), exceeding the listed capacity, or improper installation, maintenance, or application, is not covered. Please be aware that improper modifications or alterations may void this limited warranty. Loss or damage to the product that results from a failure to adhere to the required maintenance schedule or use the product in accordance with ProTeam's written instructions, guidelines, or the terms outlined in its Owner's Manual is also not covered.

About ProTeam

In 1983, ProTeam had its humble beginnings in a garage when Larry Shideler, who was the owner of a commercial cleaning business at the time, ingeniously crafted the original lightweight backpack vacuum known as the QuarterVac®. He accomplished this feat by utilizing PVC pipes, a powerful motor, and a variety of filters. When put into action, the QuarterVac® delivered astonishing results. Shideler quickly realized that the backpack vacuum significantly enhanced worker productivity, efficiency, and ergonomic comfort. Today, ProTeam offers a diverse range of cutting-edge vacuum solutions designed to address all cleaning needs while also enhancing Indoor Air Quality. Their product lineup includes canisters, uprights, wet/dry vacuums, cordless options, and the world's best-selling backpack vacuums.

Products of ProTeam

Filters Backpack Vacuums Cordless Vacuums Upright Vacuums Wands

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