3 Simple Steps for Canadian Tire Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You are advised to contact the talented customer support team for the assistance that you need as no registration step for products has been followed by them. Beneath the form, you can find several contact numbers to get in touch with various departments.

  • The form belongs to customer service, which has fields such as subject to be selected, with additional information not exceeding 500 characters, in addition to your name and email.

Step 2:

  • You have 90 days to return the unopened and undamaged products with a receipt from the purchase date. The refund or exchange will not be made unless you follow the instructions provided in the return policy.

  • Clients who receive damaged or defective items must inform the online customer service department as soon as they receive the product by making a phone call. You have to pay the shipping charges if you send the product back to them without contacting them.

  • Different return policies are followed for other products, which means they have their own set of rules and regulations and different time periods to send them. Please keep in mind that you cannot return the bikes

Step 3:

  • The customer support team can provide you with solutions to any issues related to online orders, including order status, marketing and promotions, policies, product types, triangle support, and gift registry FAQs.

  • Monitoring or updating your order is made easy with just an email and order number. These two pieces of information are more than enough to keep you informed of your order's status and make any necessary updates.

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What is covered under the Canadian Tire Warranty?

If a tire is entitled to replacement under either Tire Care Guarantee, Canadian Tire will replace it with a tire that is the same size and line as the original. If the original tire is no longer available, Canadian Tire will substitute it with a tire of the same basic construction and quality at its discretion. Repair or replacement of the tire is the only remedy that Canadian Tire is obligated to provide and that the original retail customer is entitled to receive. Any tires that are replaced become the property of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited, and there is no obligation for Canadian Tire or its Associate Stores to return them.

  • 1-year exchange warranty on steel and alloy wheels

  • 6-year warranty on tires

What is NOT covered under the Canadian Tire Warranty?

The warranty provided does not cover ride disturbance after one year or the first 2/32" of tread wear, whichever comes first. Additionally, any failure or damage, including rapid and irregular tread wear, caused directly or indirectly by fire, accident, wreck, collision, vandalism, theft, negligence, motorsport, brake lock, spinning, overloading, over- or under-inflation, improper wheel alignment or tire rotation, misapplication, improper mounting, mounting on non-approved rims, chains, studs, and mechanical condition of the vehicle is not covered. The warranty also does not apply to tires used on non-passenger vehicles, including campers, trailers, etc., or commercial vehicles, including taxis, limousines, police or courier service, etc. Claims made by someone other than the original purchaser, tires installed on a vehicle other than the original vehicle, tires returned more than five years after the purchase date on the original work order/invoice, tires without D.O.T. identification numbers, tires branded non-adjustable (N/A), used or blemished, tires with a remaining tread depth of 2/32" or less, tires not regularly stocked, or tires not sold through their Special Order Program, and tires that are purchased through the Keystone Automotive Operations Program are not eligible for coverage under this warranty.

About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a popular retail company in Canada that offers a wide range of products in sectors such as automotive, hardware, sports, leisure, and housewares. The company is famous for its loyalty program known as Canadian Tire money, which uses paper coupons that look like banknotes and was first introduced in 1958. The head office of the company is situated in the Canada Square Complex in Toronto, Ontario, and it is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a member of the Retail Council of Canada's voluntary Scanner Price Accuracy Code.

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