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3 Simple Steps for Pfister Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Pfister does not have account creation procedures. Hence you can directly register your products on their website by providing the necessary details. This includes your first & last name, working email address & phone number along with your detailed address with city, state and postal code.

  • Product details to be included are UPC Code, purchase location and date of purchase. You must also include photo proofs. This will help you in the warranty claim process as you have all your proofs in a single place.

Step 2:

  • In case you want to claim a Pfisher product, You can directly get in touch with their support team with a prepared description of your problem, model number and registration details. They will process your request and will ask you to return the product for inspection.

  • You will be provided with a unique case number for the purpose which you can use for further lookups in the process. You can make use of the “Case Lookup” Page on their website for the purpose. Your email address and provided case number can fetch you the details of the process.

  • You can also make use of the “Where To Buy” page if you are looking for replacement of your products online.

Step 3:

  • Since they deal with different sets of customers, They maintain dedicated teams for common and corporate customer support. You can always jump into a call with them according to your needs. They will be more than happy to help you in all regards.

  • You can easily send a comment or question online; register your call for expedited service and interestingly you can even share ideas with them!

  • Pfister also has installation & repair videos along with care and cleaning techniques and FAQs to educate you on their products.

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    Warranty Now

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Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 4 PM (PST) & Sat: 6:30 AM - 2:30 PM(PST)

Contact Address

19701 DaVinci,
Lake Forest CA 92610

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What is covered under the Pfister Warranty?

Pfister always warrants only to the original purchaser who owns the home in which the products are fixed. They promise their products will be free from any kind of workmanship and material defects that might impair the proper functioning of the product. Make sure the product is purchased from an authorized seller and used under normal conditions before applying for the claim as it is important to make it successful. They will repair and replace all kinds of valuable claims having all the proofs of purchase in hand from the customer.

  • 1-Month Limited Warranty For GE Cartridges.

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty For GE Filter Manifold.

  • 5-Year Limited Electrical Warranty.

  • 10-Year Limited Mechanical Warranty.

  • All Pfisher Products Are Covered With Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What is NOT covered under the Pfister Warranty?

Pfister have certain limitations on what is limited in the warranty plan, OIn that note, They will not be liable for labor charges, consequential & incidental damages, installation along with other losses associated with the defect of the product. They always hold the right to modify or discontinue any product at any time. This warranty only provides you with limited rights on the product along with other legal rights that may differ from one location to the other. It also does not cover damages due to repair, cleaning or installation, improper care & maintenance, misuse, alterations, accidents, or Acts of God; products that are susceptible to indentation and imperfections due to malleability of the material, specific processes, and the elements of human intervention during manufacture; damages in shipping; any Pfister Product installed prior to January 1, 1997; which has been damaged as a result of installation contrary to any of Pfister’s written installation instructions; having a defect due to use of solvents, paints, or other chemicals; used in combination with aerators, assemblies, handles, cartridges, spouts, hoses, or any other component other than those manufactured by Pfister and designated for use with the applicable product.

About Pfister

With a long history of over 100 years in the field, Pfister is one of the most trusted names in plumbing fixtures and accessories. They’ve built a great reputation for providing stylish and reliable products that make your home or business more functional and attractive. Long-lasting products with cutting-edge designs is the specialty of the firm. If you love modern living, Pfister products are for you!

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