3 Simple Steps for Pella Windows Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Pella provides you with two options in account creation. You can either create an account homeowner or a trade professional. This will help you in many ways including saving your money through exclusive offers and promotions. Your email address, first & last name, zip code, and password are enough to create one.

  • Since they don’t follow the product registration procedure, you have the chance of losing your product and its warranty details with time. You can consider Warranty Valet for this purpose. We also have trained experts who can make claims on behalf of you.

Step 2:

  • You are free to make warranty claims if any of your product is genuinely defective. You will have to contact their customer support for the purpose.

  • You must have the necessary details and documents to avoid rejection while applying for the claim. Claimant’s name, address, and phone number and the installation address (if different); a description of the product, purchase price, and date and location of purchase, and copies of invoices; serial number of the product; a description of the product concerns (photos may be included) and a brief summary of attempts made to address the concerns.

  • Their experts will visit your place and seriously inspect the product to determine its eligibility for the claim and proceed to further steps if the product is eligible. You will have to bear the cost of on-site product inspections.

Step 3:

  • Pella Windows maintains impressive customer support which always provides you with proper solutions for all of your issues, concerns, and queries.

  • You can directly jump into a call or sit in a chat with them for the purpose. Their experts will respond to you promptly. You can also use their submit form for this purpose by providing your email address, product details, and the description of your contact.

  • In addition, they maintain dedicated pages for FAQs, warranties, shipping & returns, product guides, scheduling an appointment, finding a showroom near you, and much more.

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What is covered under the Pella Windows Warranty?

Pella Windows warrants all of its products with predefined plans that cover all forms of defects in material and workmanship to the original owner and all subsequent owners provided that the product and warranty are transferred in accordance with their procedures. Please get to know in detail about the product and its warranty details as they differ from one product to the other in various specifications. You can make use of their manuals and guidelines for the purpose. Any defect found should be claimed within 1 year of discovery. If not, There are chances of the claim getting barred. They will either repair or replace the defective part or product in accordance with their terms and conditions. You can exercise basic consumer rights in the claim along with other specific rights that may differ from one place to the other.

  • 10-year limited warranty on Pella Wood Products — Basic Coverage for commercial use

  • 20-year limited warranty on Pella Wood Product — Nonlaminated Glass (IG) Coverage for commercial use

  • Limited lifetime warranty on Pella Wood Products — Nonlaminated Glass (IG) Coverage for residential use

What is NOT covered under the Pella Windows Warranty?

Pella Windows does not cover damages or defects due to inappropriate finishes, solvents, brick wash or cleaning chemicals; normal wear and fading; Acts of God; structural settlement, movement or vibration; Accidents, including glass breakage not the fault of Pella, alterations, misuse, operation or cleaning; improper storage, handling, installation, finishing, use, modification or maintenance; mechanical abrasion to finishes; non Factory-applied finishes, applied sealants or caulking; failing to finish the products in a timely manner to protect them from UV rays and the elements; repairs or modifications performed by anyone other than Pella; not being properly finished upon receipt, not refinished annually and/or finished prior to installation; exposed to excessive localized heat, high moisture environments; purchaser’s choice of finish, or whether the chosen finish is a match to other or existing finishes; interior prime finish & salt spray; finish failure or any other losses arising from defects in the existing structure; breaches, such as scratches, chips or abrasions in the Seacoast Exterior Paint finish and EnduraClad Plus finish that have not been repaired immediately; acid rain or other corrosive elements; discoloration to fabric shades and Slimshade® blinds from product usage, sun exposure, abuse or age, including variations in color or texture or loss of pleating if fabric shade is not being cycled; high in-home humidity; subjected to conditions outside product design limitations; improperly installed security systems; ripping, tearing or other damage not the fault of Pella to window screens associated with wear and tear through product use and insects, including grasshoppers. In addition, Products that are not fully paid are also rejected in the claim.

About Pella Windows

Since its establishment in 1925, Pella Corporation has evolved to be a prominent privately held window and door manufacturing company from the United States with top-notch products that are consciously designed to the aesthetics of your living. They pour themselves into every window they manufacture. They go beyond what meets the eye in creating all of their products. If you are looking for the best window and door for your next construction, Pella products are the best choice for the purpose!

Products of Pella Windows

Sliding Patio Doors Bifold Patio Doors Multi-Slide Patio Doors Hinged or French Patio Doors Windows

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