3 Simple Steps for Jandy Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The account creation option is unavailable on their website. Every product purchased from Jandy can directly be registered, which also plays a key role in warranty claims.

  • Jandy is a branch company of Fluidra. Hence you can register your products on both the Jandy and Fluidra websites.

  • You will have to provide product details like serial number, date & location of purchase along with the necessary information of the pool owner including his/her detailed address to complete the registration.

Step 2:

  • Any Jandy product can be claimed directly to Jandy by using the “Warranty RMA Request” form. Please provide the information regarding who this RMA is for; account information and necessary contact details. Quantity, part number, description, type of RMA, dealer name, date of purchase and serial number are the RMA details to be provided mandatorily.

  • You can also get in touch with an authorized Jandy dealer near you to initiate the claim.

  • In both methods, You will be assigned with a RMA number if your product is eligible for the claim. You will be then guided on the further steps to complete the claim.

Step 3:

  • Jandy maintains a simple and straightforward support you can contact directly to get a solution for any of your concerns and issues regarding their product and services.

  • You can either make a call or send them an email to provide them with a detailed explanation. Their experts from the other end will resolve your issue promptly.

  • You can also consider contacting Fluidra customer support for this purpose.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 5 PM (PST)

Contact Address

2620 Commerce Way Vista,
California, 92081,
United States

What is covered under the Jandy Warranty?

Jandy’s warranty applies only to products that are installed and services by licensed and qualified contractors by jurisdiction. Any product that is found defective in material and workmanship within the warranty period will always be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Jandy when provided with proper proof of purchase. You can always hold on to common rights in the claim song with other specific legal rights that may vary from one state or province to another.

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty.

What is NOT covered under the Jandy Warranty?

It can be claimed only by the product’s original owner, which means it is non-transferable and does not apply to products that have been moved from their original installation sites. No reimbursements will be made for loss and/or usage of fuel, water, or other resources resulting from product defects. A third-party service provider may charge the end-user customer for parts and/or labor required to resolve any issue not covered under warranty, such as improper installation, improper usage and much more. Product discoloration, or any other cosmetic or superficial damage or deterioration, regardless of its cause is not covered by this warranty. The liability of Fluidra shall not exceed the replacement of the defective product or its parts and does not include costs for labor, transportation costs to service/repair the defective product, or any items or materials required to make the repair including, but not limited to refrigerant or other expendables. They are also not answerable for delays or charges incurred when a servicer is unable to perform service due to animals, lockouts, intolerable pool or spa water temperature when entry into the pool or spa is required to service refusals, perform service, etc. They also expressly disclaim and exclude any liability for incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages associated with the product.

About Jandy

Jandy is a prestigious part of Fluidra which is basically from Europe. It is focused on enabling the pool environment through an integrated system of premium equipment & professional grade that allows pool owners to spend more time enjoying their pool and spa, rather than maintaining it. With Jandy equipment, you’re getting a product that’s easy to install in most pool pads, compatible with most existing setups and provides unparalleled performance and efficiency in its usage. You must check Jandy for your next pool product purchase!

Products of Jandy

Pool Pumps Pool Filters Pool & Spa Heating Pool & Spa Lighting

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