3 Simple Steps for North Face Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • For details on how to file a Warranty Claim, please visit the Warranty Form. Ensure that you complete all essential fields and attach a copy of the warranty return when submitting your claim. If you require service, please return the product directly to the company.

  • When you send an item in for repairs, they will notify you via email once the warranty department receives it. This email may include information about the status or progress of your repair. Normal return time is 3-4 weeks but it fluctuates during peak times.

  • Prior to forwarding any items, please ensure that the product is thoroughly cleaned. This adherence to cleanliness is a crucial aspect of their warranty policy.

Step 2:

  • Bestowing your name, address, city, state, zip code, mobile and telephone number and email are enough to submit a warranty claim form. Additionally, you should mention name of the store or website where the product was purchased and the purpose for the return. You are allowed to return the policy even if you received as a gift.

  • They offer a return option for their customers, but it's essential to confer your order number, name, and zip code for the process. Creating an account will make this process so uncomplicated.

  • This warranty is exclusively valid within the United States and Canada. Please note that in certain states, regulations may prohibit the exclusion or restriction of incidental or consequential damages. As a result, the limitations or exclusions mentioned above might not be applicable to your specific situation.

Step 3:

  • The customer service named help center has enough knowledge to sort out your troubles. They deal with the matters considering warranty, shipping and payment, services, XPLR pass, discounts, size charts and product care. Although there is phone contact, you can chat with them Customer support.

  • Their paramount objective is to promptly and efficiently resolve your issue or concern, placing it at the forefront of their priorities.

  • If your buckle is either torn or missing, they would be delighted to provide you with a replacement. If your returned product cannot be restored, a merchandise credit will be provided, as replacement is not feasible in this scenario.

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Contact Address

The North Face Warranty Repair Department,
510 Crystal City Hwy, Suite 7,
Uvalde, TX 78801, USA.

What is covered under the North Face Warranty?

Footwear and items from The North Face Renewed series are backed by a one-year warranty, encompassing manufacturing defects in materials and craftsmanship during the first year after purchase. If your product, which falls under this warranty, experiences a failure due to a manufacturing defect it will either be repaired without any additional charges or replaced at their discretion. This warranty exclusively applies to original, unaltered, and unmodified items and workmanship. Products eligible for the Limited Lifetime Warranty provide coverage to the original owner for the entire lifespan of the product.

  • 1-year warranty for most of the footwear and products

  • Limited lifetime warranty for other branded products except for footwear and items from The North Face Renewed series

What is NOT covered under the North Face Warranty?

The North Face is not accountable for direct, incidental, or consequential damages under any circumstances, including those arising from a warranty or condition breach, such as surface scratches on a device, lost data, or damage to personal property. This warranty explicitly excludes coverage for damages resulting from accidents, improper care, negligence, regular wear and tear, or the gradual deterioration of colors and materials over prolonged use. Any damage not covered by the warranty may be repaired for a reasonable fee, and return shipping charges will apply.

About North Face

The North Face is a company based in the United States that specializes in outdoor recreational products. They manufacture outdoor clothing, footwear, and related gear. Established in 1966 with a primary focus on serving climbers, the company's logo is inspired by the distinctive Half Dome rock formation, which stands over 8,700 feet above sea level in Yosemite National Park. As the late 1990s approached, the brand broadened its appeal beyond just outdoor enthusiasts by venturing into street fashion. Since the 2000s, it has gained recognition as an iconic symbol of streetwear style.

Products of North Face

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