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3 Simple Steps for Norcold Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Before submitting the customer contact form, the mandatory data such as your name and email address, you have to select only one among the five categories in the inquiry reason, the date when you bought the product, and the date when it became defective, and the description of the trouble with the product have to be filled up.

  • For your convenience, Norcold provides protection for their products by giving labor costs, as well as parts costs and freight costs. To get a glimpse of the warranty options, simply select the product category you'd like to explore for the applicable warranty statement.

Step 2:

  • If you're having difficulty finding the model number, which is located beside the serial number, simply refer to the serial plate on the refrigerator. These numbers will provide you with information about the specific model of your refrigerator.

  • Many responses to the inquiries you may have in mind about AC/DC refrigerators can be found in the FAQs department. Make use of this page prior to contacting them.

Step 3:

  • The service center will conduct a diagnostic assessment to identify the issue and then communicate with Norcold to requisition replacement components. These replacement parts are furnished to the owner free of charge as part of the warranty coverage.

  • The product will be serviced by the service center, and all labor expenses will be invoiced directly to Norcold.

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What is covered under the Norcold Warranty?

The warranty remains in effect only when the products are correctly installed, well-maintained, and utilized for their intended purpose under normal conditions. Norcold, Inc. guarantees that its refrigeration equipment is free from material and workmanship defects throughout the specified warranty period. This warranty provides you with particular legal entitlements, and additional legal rights may apply, varying depending on your state's regulations.

  • 1-year limited warranty on NORCOLD DC ONLY Models

  • 3-year limited warranty on Gas Absorption refrigerators

What is NOT covered under the Norcold Warranty?

The warranty excludes coverage for glassware, electric light bulbs, or replaceable fuses. It also does not apply to refrigerators or their component parts that have experienced misuse, improper installation, unusual service, damage during transportation, recharging of the cooling unit system, accidents, fires, incorrect repairs, tampering, or abuse.

About Norcold

Norcold takes great pride in its nearly six-decade history, which spans from its modest beginnings through phases of significant expansion to its current standing as an industry leader. Established in 1959 in California, Norcold's initial mission was to produce and market specialized refrigerators tailored for the RV and Marine sectors. In tandem with the growth of the recreational industry, Norcold experienced rapid development, evolving from a small, family-run enterprise into a significant industry player with boundless potential. In 1997, Thetford Corporation acquired Norcold, and the company's growth and commitment to innovation remain vibrant today. This is exemplified by the recent introduction of the Polar Series of RV refrigerators in 2018.

Products of Norcold

Polar Compressor Refrigerators Polar Series RV Refrigerator N2000 Series Refrigerators Large 4-door RV Refrigerators AC/DC Refrigerators

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