3 Simple Steps for Monogram Appliances Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Monogram Appliances encourages you to register your product. To initiate the registration process, you must have an account. Clients with an existing account can proceed by logging in.

  • You can verify your order status with just the reference number and your email address. The reference number is provided in the confirmation email sent by GE Appliances.

Step 2:

  • For parts, accessories, repair, and maintenance, you need to have the model number to locate the parts and accessories you are looking for. The model number is typically found on tags located inside or on the rear side of your appliance.

  • Every part is covered by a one-year warranty, with the exception of filters, and there is a hassle-free thirty-day return policy.

Step 3:

  • Expert customer support team members are at your doorstep to give the answers to your questions or issues you may have to face at the time of purchase, installation, or ownership of your Monogram Appliances.

  • During regular business hours, you have multiple convenient avenues to reach out to them. You can choose to contact them through email, engage in live chat, or simply make a phone call.

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Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 8am - 6:30pm (ET)

Contact Address

P.O. Box 34820,
Louisville, KY-40232,

What is covered under the Monogram Appliances Warranty?

The scope of the limited warranty encompasses the original purchaser and any subsequent owners of products acquired for domestic use within the United States. In cases where the product is situated in an area lacking access to an Authorized Servicer, you may incur a trip charge or may be obligated to transport the product to an Authorized Service location. Please note that all warranty-related services are administered by their Factory Service Centers or an authorized Customer Care technician.

  • 2-year limited labor and parts warranty on most of the products

What is NOT covered under the Monogram Appliances Warranty?

The limited warranty excludes specific situations and scenarios. It does not cover service trips to your home aimed at teaching you how to use the product. Also, improper installation, delivery, or maintenance are not covered. Failures due to product abuse, misuse, commercial use, or usage outside its intended purpose are not covered. The warranty does not apply to the replacement of house fuses or resetting of circuit breakers. Moreover, it doesn't cover damage caused by accidents, fires, floods, or acts of nature. Incidental or consequential damage resulting from potential defects with the appliance is also excluded. Damage to the finish, such as surface rust, tarnish, or minor blemishes not reported within 48 hours of delivery, is not covered. Additionally, the warranty doesn't include incidental or consequential damage resulting from potential defects with the appliance or damage occurring after the product's delivery. If the product is not accessible for the required service, it's not covered by the warranty. Service to repair or replace light bulbs is not included, except for LED lamps. Also, resetting the fire containment door deployed due to misuse is not covered by the warranty.

About Monogram Appliances

Monogram Appliances operates under the umbrella of GE Appliances, an American home appliance manufacturer with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2016, the majority ownership of GE Appliances has been held by the Chinese multinational home appliance company, Haier. This company stands as one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the United States and produces appliances under various brand names. GE Appliances has a rich history of innovation in cooking appliances, and they are credited with pioneering significant advancements in the industry, such as the first self-cleaning oven and the first over-the-range microwave. Furthermore, they were trailblazers in introducing a range of WiFi-connected appliances and a suite of appliances compatible with IFTTT, demonstrating their dedication to cutting-edge technology in the home appliance sector.

Products of Monogram Appliances

Rangetops and Cooktops Wall Ovens Steam Ovens Range Hoods Warming Drawers Hearth Ovens Ice Makers

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