3 Simple Steps for Methven Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Methven recommends that you register your product immediately as soon as you purchase it. Perhaps registration will facilitate a smoother process when making a warranty claim.

  • For registration, you have to provide your name, email, address of residence, date and location of the purchase, and product code, along with a photo to be uploaded.

Step 2:

  • You must have the proof of purchase during the registration procedure. The provided warranty is supplementary to GWA's obligations to customers as dictated by any other legal or regulatory mandates.

  • In the FAQs section, you can read numerous answers to questions related to products, colours, bathroom renovation, plumbers, and professionals.

Step 3:

  • In case you still have doubts after going through the FAQs page, simply pick up your phone and make a direct call, or else, you can reach out to them through email. These are the finest ways to get in touch with the customer support team.

  • For extended warranty repairs, adequate access to products, fittings, and fixtures is required. GWA is not responsible for any consequential damage or costs if adequate access is not accessible.

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Email Support


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Phone Number

13 14 16

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Contact Address

222 Park Street, South Melbourne,

What is covered under the Methven Warranty?

GWA extends the following warranty coverage to all Methven, Flexispray, and Echo products acquired within Australia or New Zealand through authorized GWA resellers, intended for use in domestic residential (indoor) or commercial (indoor) installations (Goods). Commercial installations encompass all non-residential setups, such as hotels, motels, gyms, clubs, factories, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and aged care facilities. This warranty supplements GWA's obligations to customers as per all other statutory and regulatory requirements. A Lifetime Replacement Warranty is applicable for the entire duration of the original purchase. Should your product be identified as defective during the stipulated warranty period, GWA will, at its expense, either repair or replace (at GWA’s discretion) the Good with an equivalent product if it is determined that the defect originated during manufacturing. GWA will cover the shipping costs for the repaired or replaced Goods to be sent to you.

  • 10-year replacement warranty on accessories and spares (only for domestic use)

  • 20-year warranty on parts and labour for tapware (only for residential use)

What is NOT covered under the Methven Warranty?

The warranty excludes other brands marketed and sold by GWA. It is not applicable if the goods were not new at the date of purchase or if proof of purchase details (such as an invoice, receipt, or transaction record) are not provided. The warranty is void in instances where there is a failure to adhere to installation instructions, an inability to provide evidence that a licensed plumber installed the Good, or if the Good is used contrary to product specifications, including specified operating conditions for temperature and pressure. Repair work performed on the relevant goods by a person other than GWA, its authorized service agents, or any plumber without prior authorization from GWA is not covered. Non-compliance with applicable statutes or regulations related to public health, misuse, accident, or neglect resulting in damage to the product also renders the warranty void. Failure to observe standards or regulations governing sewerage, plumbing, water supply, and gas, including Australian Standards (AS/NZ 3500.1 Plumbing and Drainage Part 1: Water services), which specify limits for water supply pressure, will void the warranty. The use of harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners on any finishes of the goods is not covered. The product must not contain excessive debris, and in-line filters must be installed. Discolouration, corrosion, or rusting of the Goods from 'hard' water and/or other environmental factors is not covered. For extended warranty repairs, adequate access to products, fittings, and fixtures is required. GWA is not responsible for any consequential damage or costs if adequate access is not accessible.

About Methven

The appreciation of Methven Australia for water originated in 1886 when George Methven started manufacturing brass and iron hardware in Dunedin. Since that day, they have been fascinated by the elemental power of water to bring about transformation: influencing moods, uplifting spirits, and providing a sense of refreshment and renewal. This passion has motivated successive generations of Methven engineers and designers on a journey to craft the ultimate water experience. Today, Methven presents a diverse range of exceptional water encounters, all guided by a singular vision. This distinctive approach is what distinguishes Methven, as it ensures that encountering Methven is truly an immersion in the essence of water.

Products of Methven

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