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Are you about to claim Maytronics warranty? Here is what you should know!

3 Simple Steps for Maytronics Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You need to sign up to start your journey with Maytronics. This will help you store and access the necessary details of your product easily. Your current email address with your first and last name is good to go to create one.

  • You must also consider registering the product in case you want to claim. You will have to provide the unique serial number, robot name and description of the product followed by your personal details and warranty info of the product.

Step 2:

  • Any product found defective can be claimed with proper support documents in hand. They also maintain a repair page to submit your repair request.

  • You can directly get in touch with an authorized dealer near you to initiate the claim. Make sure you have a copy of the invoice including the date of purchase, serial number and description of the problem.

  • In the case of a company, You can make use of “Maytronics US RMA Request & Spare Parts Order Form” where you have to provide necessary company details including name, phone, email address, detailed address and other necessary details along with serial number and purchase date of the product.

Step 3:

  • The support of Maytronics is always there for you to contact when you face any issues or have a concern or query about their product and service. They feel it is their responsibility to resolve your issue and make you happy.

  • For the concern, They have dedicated pages to guide you on choosing a robot according to your preference, informational FAQs, product manuals and much more.

  • Please use their contact form by providing the subject and description of your query with your personal details. It is the preferred method to get in touch with them.

Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 5 PM (EST)

Contact Address

2221 Northmont Pkwy Ste 400,
Duluth, Georgia, 30096,
United States

What is covered under the Maytronics Warranty?

Any Maytronics product is always manufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with the specific engineering requirements of its usage. Hence it always warrants all their products to be free from any type of defect or flaw in workmanship and material under normal use and service within the promised period of warranty. It is always subjected to limitations, qualifications, terms and conditions of the product only to the first consumer or original purchaser of the product. The warranty obligations of Maytronics shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product or of any defective component, at their sole discretion. Refurbished components and/or units will be used in such repair or replacement in certain circumstances.

  • 30-Day Return Policy.

  • 2 to 3-Year Warranty Period Depending On The Product Type.

What is NOT covered under the Maytronics Warranty?

Damage, defects, malfunctions or other failures or any use which does not comply with the instructions in the operator’s manual, including the failure of the purchaser to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance; not using the product in the prescribed conditions; over usage; repairs performed by any service station or person other than an authorized service representative of Maytronics and due to usage of any electrical components other than originally manufactured by Maytronics. Additionally, Maytronics is always not liable or responsible under any circumstances or in any amount for any incidental or consequential damages, for any injury or damages to property or person using or used in connection with the product, or for loss of profit or other costs or expenses of any kind of character. Please note that the warranty is applicable only for manufacturing defects that too only in the country of purchase.

About Maytronics

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Products of Maytronics

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