3 Simple Steps for John Deere Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • John Deere is a big company that has their foot in various industries with a variety of products and services. Hence they follow specified account creation procedures for each of their products and services. You will not be able to create a common account as they have dedicated account creation procedures for various concerns.

  • Warranty Valet can be the best solution for this concern as we provide you with the best place to store warranty and product details which you can easily access whenever and wherever necessary. We can also initiate the claim on behalf of you. We have a team of trained and dedicated experts to make it successful.

Step 2:

  • As already said, They deal with a large number of products in various fields. Hence they have defined warranty plans for each of their products according to its specific design and applications. It always differs from one product and field to the other.

  • The procedure for the claim will also differ from one field to the other and they maintain dedicated forms for the purpose where you will have to provide all the required details to initiate the claim. Their experts on the other end will evaluate your issue and let you know the possibilities and proceedings of the claim.

  • You can consider registering the product after purchasing it. However, Failing to register will never affect your rights on the warranty as long as you show proof for the date of purchase.

  • You will have to provide the serial number and purchase date along with your first name, last name, email address, phone number and detailed address along with city, state, zip code and country of residence.

Step 3:

  • John Deere provides their customers with extended support who are trained to deal with and resolve all of the queries and concerns of your issue without respect to its degree of difficulty.

  • They have special pages for you to get more information about their products and services. It includes pages for John Deere equipment or parts, operator’s manuals, corporate information, general questions and much more.

  • You can make use of their contact form to get a quick response to your questions and concerns. You will have to choose the group that is best associated with your enquiry followed by choosing your country and providing the above-mentioned personal details. You will then have to send your concern with other details required for the process.

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Phone Number


24 X 7

Contact Address

Deere & Company World Headquarters
One John Deere Place
Moline, IL 61265

What is covered under the John Deere Warranty?

John Deere warranty plans always begin on the date of delivery of the product and any person with the preferred ownership is eligible for the claim as the warranty is transferable provided that the change is notified to an authorized dealer. Only the products purchased from authorized John Deere dealers are accepted for the claim provided they submit proper proof of purchase and other necessary details required for the claim. They always warrant all of their product for the specified warranty period and will take responsibility for all forms of material and workmanship defects and will repair or replace the product or part at their sole discretion. Warranty service must always be performed by a dealer or service center authorized by John Deere to sell and/or service the type of Equipment involved, which will use only remanufactured or new parts or components furnished by John Deere. It is always free of cost on both parts and labor. However, The purchaser will be responsible for other costs associated with the process like transportation.

  • 30-Day Return Policy.

  • PowerGard™ Protection Plan Residential.

  • PowerGard™ Protection Plan for Agriculture Equipment

  • Parts Warranty.

  • Standard Engine Warranty.

  • Construction Extended Warranty.

  • Extended Warranties and Protection Plans.

What is NOT covered under the John Deere Warranty?

John Deere’s warranty plan has strict procedures for evaluating the claim. On that note, Damages and defects due to altered or modified in ways not approved by John Deere, including, but not limited to, setting injection pump fuel delivery above John Deere specifications; improper care; collisions; depreciation caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, misuse, lack of proper protection during storage, or accident and utility product is used for unprescribed activities. Please note that normal maintenance parts and service are not warranted and the defect has to be reported as soon as it is discovered to leverage the full benefits of the claim. John Deere or any company affiliated with John Deere not be liable for consequential or incidental damages.

About John Deere

Deere & Company known as John Deere in the business is an American giant which has built an empire in many industries since its establishment way back in the past. They are known for their quality products in heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, diesel engines and a myriad of other significant industries. Interestingly, They also provide financial services and other related activities. They are committed to innovating on behalf of the ever-growing population and investing in efforts that support communities all across the world. If you are looking for innovative products for commercial activities, John Deere products are for you!

Products of John Deere

Residential Golf Turf Construction Forestry Powertrain Solutions

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