3 Simple Steps for Bauer Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Please create your Bauer account after purchasing their products. This can be the best place to store and access all your product and purchase details. It will also make you a member of the Bauer MVP Loyal Program.

  • Your current email address, first & last name, date of birth and password are mandatory to create one.

  • The warranty plan and period for each product are well-defined. It always differs from one product to the other as it is determined according to the usage and specifications of the product.

Step 2:

  • Any of your Bauer products that are defective within the warranty period can be easily claimed. Please keep both of your white serial number stickers affixed to the original receipt and the original receipt from an authorized Bauer dealer. Have a photocopy of your receipt for your records also.

  • Either contact their support or get in touch with authorized dealers to initiate the claim. Bauer also maintains a dedicated form for warranty claims. Please provide all the necessary details in the form to make a hassle-free warranty claim.

  • Their experts on the other end will look into the issue and let you know the possibilities of the claim and insist you on the other proceeding from your end.

Step 3:

  • Bauer provides their customers with dependable support whom you can rely on for all of your concerns and queries related to their products.

  • Thankfully they have a dedicated team for warranty claims who always look forward to helping you with all of your issues and problems in the claim process.

  • Additionally, Their FAQ pages are interestingly designed in the manner of answers from professionals that provide quality information about their product and other necessary general information.

  • You can also consider their social media handles to contact them for quicker responses.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Mon-Thur: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (EST) & Fri: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Contact Address

Bauer Hockey Experience Store,
758 American Blvd. W,
Bloomington, MN 55420

What is covered under the Bauer Warranty?

Bauer has a precise warranty plan that applies only to defects in workmanship at any cost within the time frame of the warranty period of the specific product. Any valid warranty will obviously lead to a one-time replacement provided that all the necessary proof of purchase is submitted in the claim. They have the right to repair or replace any product determined to be defective at their sole discretion. Additionally, They will also consider previously repaired products in the claim when it is performed at an authorized repair depot or at their factory.

  • 30-Day Warranty Period: Street Hockey Protective & Apparel.

  • 90-Day Warranty Period: Skates (Player/Goal), Roller Hockey Skates, Runners, Wires — Purchased Alone, Clear Visors, Player Protective, Goal Protective, Goalie Cages, Goal Pads (Regular) & Bags.

  • 120-Day Warranty Period: Hyperlite/Ultrasonic Pads/Mach Pads.

  • 1-Year Warranty Period: Holders/Chassis, Cowlings, Helmets & Goalie Masks.

What is NOT covered under the Bauer Warranty?

At Bauer’s determination, Any damage or defect due to accident, abuse, negligence or abnormal use, the product will not be covered by the warranty. They are also not responsible for damages or abrasions to any equipment, as a result of playing the sport. Please note that warranty claims without proper documents will never be processed and hand-written receipts and banking statements will not be accepted in the claim. Wood, foam core sticks & replacement blades can never be claimed as they will never be included in the warranty plan. Claims go void if the composite stick has been used on concrete or asphalt.

About Bauer

Bauer is an important manufacturer of ice hockey equipment, recreational and fitness skates and apparel. Additionally, They also produce other important accessories associated with the sport. Great quality in products and care with the comfort their customers have helped them prosper in the field. If you are someone who is into ice hockey, You will definitely have to consider Bauer and its dependable products!

Products of Bauer

Skates Stickes Helmets Protective Goalie Roller Parts & Accessories Apparels

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