3 Simple Steps for Manduka Mats Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • A replacement for your mat will be provided to you after you make the request to the customer care team through email. While making the replacement request, you have to provide the receipt or proof of purchase and an image of your mat.

  • The representatives of the customer care team get back to you in two business days. The cost of returning the mats to Manduka should be borne by the buyers. Products sold by unauthorized sellers cannot be returned.

  • Manduka's 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to make guarantee requests within 45 days if you are not satisfied. The original consumer purchasers residing in the USA are eligible for this guarantee scheme.

Step 2:

  • Manduka accepts mats that are returned for a refund, and the mats must be unworn, unwashed, unused, unaltered, and in resalable condition when they are returned. The refund request must be made within 30 days of receiving the order, and during the end-of-year holiday period, this window is extended to 45 days.

  • The time period for returning BOGO Apparel should not exceed thirty days. You need to wait for ten to fifteen days for the refund to be processed after they receive the returned mats. The shipping costs will not be refunded.

Step 3:

  • Prior to reaching out to the customer care center, you should take a glance at the FAQs page, which is a source of answers to many questions you may have in your mind. It has almost covered the majority of the category.

  • As you scroll down slightly, you can find a small form provided with the inclusion of your name, email, subject, and a message box.

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What is covered under the Manduka Mats Warranty?

Manduka ensures that the Manduka PRO®, PROlite®, and PRO Travel® yoga mats will endure for the entire lifespan of the mat when used and maintained appropriately. If a PRO mat wears out beyond its expected lifespan due to regular use under standard conditions, Manduka Mats will provide a replacement. This lifetime guarantee is applicable exclusively to Manduka PRO, PROlite, and PRO Travel mats purchased from Manduka or an authorized Manduka seller in the United States, unless otherwise restricted by law.

  • 45-day satisfaction guarantee

  • 10-year lifetime limited warranty

What is NOT covered under the Manduka Mats Warranty?

The Manduka PRO lifetime guarantee does not extend to cosmetic wear on the mat's surface that does not impact its performance. This includes considerations such as uneven color patterns, stains, or discoloration either present at the time of purchase or resulting from use. Additionally, creases and folds arising from improper handling or storage methods, such as not laying the mat flat or rolling it appropriately, are excluded from the guarantee. Damage caused by excessive exposure to water or other liquids, improper cleaning methods (excluding Manduka Mat Wash or water), and damage from devices like washing machines or vacuum cleaners are not covered. The guarantee is specific to yoga or similar fitness activities, and damage resulting from alternative uses is not eligible for replacement. Other exclusions involve damage from external elements, slipping on the mat, unpleasant odors due to use and insufficient cleaning, mats purchased before September 1, 2008, those marked as "Irregular" at the time of purchase, and the PRO Extra Large and Almost Perfect PRO Series mats, which are not covered by the lifetime guarantee.

About Manduka Mats

Manduka originated from the fundamental belief that an improved yoga mat has the potential to significantly enhance the practice and that the happiness derived from yoga can foster a more optimistic global community. No other yoga gear embodies the meticulousness and enthusiasm found in Manduka products. Crafted by yogis and embraced by instructors globally, their design philosophy is grounded in principles of sustainability, producing products responsibly sourced to reduce environmental impact.

Products of Manduka Mats

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