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3 Simple Steps for Leatherman Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You will have one of two outcomes: repair or replacement, in the event you claim the warranty online with the Leatherman. In advance of repair or replacement, submitting the form and sending the products need to be completed.

  • You should never forget to provide the product name, problem description, and quantity. Additionally, you must include details regarding the circumstances under which your tool was damaged, as well as your personal information.

Step 2:

  • For regular updates, you are encouraged to complete the registration of the products. Customers who return the products within thirty days from the date of purchase can receive a refund minus shipping costs. 

  • The shipping costs are not deducted from the refund when return errors are made by Leatherman. Every product has to be returned in the original packaging with all original tags and slips attached without any changes or modifications.

Step 3:

  • Final sale, engraved, or customized products will not be accepted for return. The apparel which is about to be returned should not have any damages.

  •  If you have looked over the FAQs page thoroughly, you do not have to spend time calling the customer support team which can be reached via phone or email.

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What is covered under the Leatherman Warranty?

The Leatherman warranty applies solely to the initial/original owner. It pertains specifically to tools acquired for personal use. Products must be purchased through an authorized dealer, and proof of purchase from said dealer may be necessary to validate the warranty.

  • 25-year limited warranty

What is NOT covered under the Leatherman Warranty?

The warranty does not extend to cases of abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable usage of Leatherman products. Commercial accounts or bulk purchases aimed at reselling repaired or refurbished tools are also excluded from the warranty coverage. It's important to note that Leatherman apparel and soft goods are not included in the 25-year warranty.

About Leatherman

Leatherman is dedicated to providing top-tier multipurpose products to assist you in tackling both anticipated and unforeseen challenges in your daily life. Their journey commenced more than 37 years ago with the inception of the world’s first pliers-based multi-tool, conceived by their founder, Tim Leatherman. Starting from Tim’s initial prototype to their most recent multi-tool breakthroughs, Leatherman has crafted their tools in Portland, Oregon. To ensure their tools meet rigorous standards, they undergo testing in the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest. They extend an invitation for you to experience their tools firsthand or explore stories from individuals who have relied on quick thinking, their own dexterity, and a Leatherman to save the day.

Products of Leatherman

Tees Hats Hails Knives Carbon Scrapers

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