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3 Simple Steps for Kuvings Juicers Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registering the warranty is crucial before making a warranty claim because you will receive a set of guidelines that serve as a source on how to make the warranty claim for Kuvings products. The registration form includes your personal and contact details.

  • You do not have to include additional information on the form for claiming the warranty as it is the exact replica of the form for enrollment.

Step 2:

  • Three conditions have to be fulfilled to commence the return process: within seven days from the date when the purchase was made, returning the products in unused condition, in their original condition, and in the original packaging with instruction manuals and all accessories included.

  • A replacement or an exchange cannot be provided unless you inform them about the damaged or defective item due to a manufacturing fault that was received within a reasonable time frame.

Step 3:

  • The value of the product below fifty dollars is only replaced even if it has defects related to manufacturing, and it is called a minor purchase.

  • Kuvings AU is not obligated to facilitate returns, issue refunds, or provide replacements for items solely due to a change of mind on the part of the customer.

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What is covered under the Kuvings Juicers Warranty?

The Kuvings warranty is applicable solely to purchases made in Australia and is valid for both domestic and commercial use. Kuvings Juicers promises that all products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

  • 5-year warranty on the parts for all Kuvings cold press juicers

  • 20-year warranty on the motor for all Kuvings cold press juicers

What is NOT covered under the Kuvings Juicers Warranty?

The warranty does not cover products damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, or acts of God. Additionally, it will not apply to products not used in accordance with the instructions provided in the manuals.

About Kuvings Juicers

The Kuvings Australia Whole Slow Juicer stands out as the world's pioneer in cold press juicers, uniquely capable of juicing entire fruits and vegetables. As a prominent figure in the global market for Cold Press Juicers, Kuvings offers consumers a high-quality appliance incorporating their patented technology. With the most robust motor on the market, the Kuvings allows you to extract juice from soft fruits and vegetables such as pineapple and wheatgrass, kale, and herbs, as well as hard vegetables like carrots and beets.

Products of Kuvings Juicers

Juicers Blenders Bottles Knives Fruit Peelers

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