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To register a product in Kryptonite Locks and claim warranty, you can follow these steps.

3 Simple Steps for Kryptonite Locks Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • An identical form is maintained by Kryptonite for registering both keys and combination locks. There is no connection between product registration and Anti-Theft Protection Registration. Product registration does not activate your Anti-Theft Protection coverage, which should be done distinctly.

  • You should provide your name, contact information, residential address, type, and model, along with any necessary information for the registration procedure.

Step 2:

  • The company does not empower any individual to incur obligations or liabilities on its behalf regarding the products. The original user is not provided with any other warranties, whether expressed or implied, concerning the products. 

  • The warranty provides you with distinct legal rights, and you may additionally possess other rights as permitted by law.

Step 3:

  • Kindly make a request via the form by selecting the topic you want to address. You can contact the customer support crew, who are experienced in resolving a variety of problems.

  • The form varies slightly based on the selected topic, but in all forms, files need to be uploaded at the end

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Contact Address

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What is covered under the Kryptonite Locks Warranty?

The warranties are exclusive to the initial end-user of the products and are not transferable. The company provides a warranty covering material and workmanship defects to the original purchaser, starting from the purchase date. If the original user returns a defective product, free from liens and encumbrances, along with a statement of defects and proof of purchase, the company, or its authorized distributor, will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product or refund the purchase price.

  • 2-year limited warranty on light products excluding single-cell batteries

  • Limited lifetime warranty on lock products

What is NOT covered under the Kryptonite Locks Warranty?

The limited warranty excludes back charges and labor costs, encompassing but not limited to the removal and reinstallation of the product or normal maintenance. It also excludes shipping and freight expenses necessary for returning the product to the company. The warranty does not cover failures, defects, or damage caused by any third-party product, service, or system used with the product, including any security failure or data loss. It further excludes any incidental, consequential, indirect, special, and/or punitive damages, irrespective of whether they arise from contract, warranty, tort (including strict liability or negligence), patent infringement, or any other legal basis, even if the possibility of such damages has been advised. Normal wear and tear are not covered, and the warranty does not apply to products used for purposes not designed or intended by the company. Exclusions extend to products subjected to alteration, misuse, abuse, negligence, or accidents, as well as those improperly stored, installed, maintained, repaired, or operated. Additionally, products not of the proper size for the application, used in violation of written instructions provided by the company, or installed with improper or incorrect parts are not covered. The warranty also excludes products exposed to improper temperature, humidity, or other environmental conditions (e.g., corrosion, water damage) or those that, upon examination by the company, do not reveal satisfactory non-conformance to these warranties. Furthermore, the provisions of these limited warranties do not extend to batteries or to scratches, abrasions, or deterioration resulting from the use of paints, solvents, or other chemicals.

About Kryptonite Locks

More than four decades ago, Kryptonite embarked on a mission. Despite the evolving landscape of bicycling and bicycle security, their fundamental goal endures – to empower you in safeguarding what you cherish. Fueled by constant innovation, expert guidance, and unwavering dedication, Kryptonite persists in pursuing their passion. They are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that you can freely go wherever you desire, whenever you want, by providing intelligent and robust security solutions.

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