3 Simple Steps for Koss Headphones Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Product registration is a compulsory process to have your products repaired or replaced under the warranty period. Only the registered products are allowed by the manufacturer into their company's perimeter for repair or replacement.

  • During the registration, you must provide your name, email, phone number, address, the name, and serial number of the product, as well as the purchase date. After the enrollment, the company will send you resources and guidance to optimize your experience with Koss products.

Step 2:

  • The return of the product can be initiated by providing proper notification to them regarding the products purchased from the official website of Koss. You can notify them through a phone call.

  • Products purchased straight from the official website are qualified for a complete refund, excluding shipping charges, if returned within 30 days from the purchase date.

Step 3:

  • Koss will not be held responsible for any incidental or consequential damages that arise from the use of the product or result from a breach of contract or warranty. 

  • The warranty grants you specific legal entitlements, and you might also possess additional rights that can differ based on the jurisdiction you are in.

  • The customer support team serves as a one-stop solution for various issues, efficiently resolving them for you.

  • During the warranty process, Koss Headphones may provide you with one of the following solutions: either a warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

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What is covered under the Koss Headphones Warranty?

The Koss product is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing coverage for regular use by the original user or purchaser of the specified Koss product. Koss guarantees solely to the initial user or purchaser that the product will remain free from any defects in materials and workmanship throughout its entire lifespan.

  • 90-day limited warranty for Koss Strivia Products

  • 1-year limited warranty

What is NOT covered under the Koss Headphones Warranty?

The warranty excludes coverage for damages arising from abnormal or commercial usage, modifications made by the user, cosmetic damage, defects resulting from abuse, misuse, accidents, or failure to adhere to product instructions. It also does not cover issues caused by the user, maintenance or repairs performed by anyone other than Koss or a Koss-designated party, and damage caused by liquids.

About Koss Headphones

Koss Corporation, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, specializes in the production of headphones. Renowned for introducing the first high-fidelity stereophones, the company offers a variety of models, including the in-ear passive noise-isolating earphones Koss Plug and Koss Spark Plug. These earphones can be customized to accommodate the high-end Etymotics ear tip, transforming into the "Koss Hybrid." Notable models also include the Koss Porta Pro and budget-friendly options such as the KSC series. Since 1989, all headphones manufactured by KOSS in North America are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty, providing coverage for normal use by the initial owner.

Products of Koss Headphones

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