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Step 1:

  • It is important to have an account to register your product. You need to provide your email, name, password, country, age, and gender information to create an account.

  • As soon as the registration is completed, you can enjoy perks such as offers from KEF, assistance from experts, access to newly released products and product information, as well as manuals and warranties through a single account.

Step 2:

  • You have 30 days from the purchase date to return any unopened merchandise if you're not content with your purchase or have received defective products. If the item is "as new," which is defined as undamaged, in the original packing, and includes all accessories, they will give you a complete refund.

  • The official website is the only place where orders may be placed for the 30-day money-back guarantee. The purchase price will be returned to your account once they have received and processed your return. 

  • If an item is more than 30 days old, reach out to customer service; they will be delighted to assist you with repairs. The processing time for the refund is 14 days after the day of collection. The same terms and conditions of the warranty and return policy apply to refurbished products.

Step 3:

  • Make sure the product won't be harmed in transit and that all accessories are being returned by carefully packing your things in their original box. Within one to two working days, KEF Speakers will get in touch with you to set up a convenient time and day to pick up the merchandise from you.

  • In order to answer questions about online orders, delivery, replacement parts and repairs, product support, marketing, and other matters, the customer care department is well-trained and equipped.

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What is covered under the KEF Speakers Warranty?

The warranty is valid for the initial buyer of KEF products from an Authorized Dealer. All KEF products undergo precision engineering and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. While KEF products are meticulously crafted, should any issues arise, they are protected by a manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is administered through Authorized KEF Distributors and Retail partners and covers faulty material and/or workmanship for the specified products from the original purchase date.

  • 2-year warranty on accessories and headphones

  • 2-year warranty on electronics and accessories for Hifi Speakers, Wireless HiFi Speakers, Subwoofer, Architectural Speakers

  • 5-year warranty on drivers for Hifi Speakers, Wireless HiFi Speakers, Subwoofers, and Architectural Speakers

What is NOT covered under the KEF Speakers Warranty?

The warranty excludes coverage for regular or fair wear and tear, as well as any wear resulting from environmental deterioration of the KEF product and its components. It does not cover mechanical damage or derangement of the KEF product during transit unless attributed to the fault of KEF and its Authorized Distributor. Deterioration of consumable components that naturally wear or deplete through use is not included. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to any KEF product lacking a legible, undamaged serial number label or if the label is missing, altered, defaced, removed, or damaged. Products not purchased from an Authorized Dealer/Distributor, including parallel imports or grey market items, are not covered. Incorrect or unauthorized components substituted and/or used for the KEF product are excluded. The warranty also does not cover any KEF product or its components that have been installed, disassembled, repaired, converted, modified, tampered with, or otherwise interfered with by anyone other than an authorized representative of KEF and its Authorized Distributors. Finally, any defects, malfunctions, losses, and/or damages caused by an act of god are not covered under the warranty.

About KEF Speakers

KEF stands as a proud trailblazer in the pursuit of sound excellence. Since 1961, operating from their UK base, KEF Speakers has consistently produced remarkable and award-winning speaker systems. From the innovative Uni-Q technology to the groundbreaking LS60 Wireless, KEF is dedicated to filling spaces with music in its truest form, aiming to stir emotions with authentic and captivating soundscapes. Now, KEF is expanding its journey, inviting more individuals to explore the transformative power of exceptional sound. With their Uni-Core technology, they merge both drivers into a single motor system, resulting in a reduction of cabinet size by over a third. The advancement not only enhances excursion but also unlocks exceptional output and depth in the audio experience.

Products of KEF Speakers

HiFi Speakers Wireless HiFi Speakers Headphones Subwoofers Architectural Speakers

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