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3 Simple Steps for BioLite Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Providing an immediate response and sending the products' vital safety or usage updates are entirely possible for the support department after you make the registration of your product with BioLite.

  • For registration, you should furnish your name, email, postal code, country, product category, serial number, name of the retailer, and purchase location details. The battery pack of your product or retail packaging has to be referred to find the serial number.

  • BioLite serves as a destination for your warranty claim. During the limited warranty period, you can return your product with a Return Authorization Number issued by BioLite's customer service department, which provides you with the number after submitting the RMA form.

Step 2:

  • The warranty provider will ask for an original or copy of a sales receipt from the original sales retailer to claim the warranty. Your claim will be assessed within 7-10 days to confirm that the products you returned align with the limited warranty rules and regulations.

  • The return policy offers you thirty days to return the products from the date your product is delivered to you. BioLite accepts returned products that are unused and unopened in original packaging.

  • Most importantly, all products should have been purchased from the official website to be returned. The refund amount will be paid to you without including the return shipping costs. BioLite will provide a refund to the initial payment method.

Step 3:

  • Kindly allow up to three weeks from the date of the shipped return for the processing of your return. After the refund is initiated, you can expect to observe a credit posted to your account within 7-10 business days. You will also be sent an email notification confirming your refund.

  • To have your problems solved, please contact the customer support team by submitting a request using the provided form and attach any necessary files at the end of the form.

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What is covered under the BioLite Warranty?

BioLite, Inc. ensures that BioLite Products will be devoid of defects in workmanship and materials during normal use for a specified period starting from the original purchase date. The limited warranty is exclusive to the original end-user purchaser and is not transferable to others.

  • 1 or 2-year warranty depends upon the products

What is NOT covered under the BioLite Warranty?

The limited warranty provided by BioLite, Inc. does not extend to cover any damage or malfunction resulting from normal wear and tear associated with product usage, misuse, insufficient care, mishandling, accidents, abuse, or any other abnormal use. Additionally, it excludes damage incurred from using the product for purposes other than its intended design, and any harm caused by improper or unauthorized repair or maintenance, modifications, or alterations to the product. Products not manufactured by BioLite are not covered by this warranty. Furthermore, items purchased from non-authorized retail outlets, including third-party merchants on online marketplaces such as Amazon.com and eBay.com, are excluded from the warranty coverage.

About BioLite

BioLite is a social enterprise committed to ensuring universal access to safe and dependable energy. The organization designs aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly products that seamlessly facilitate the shift to renewable energy, transforming it into a positive enhancement rather than a compromise. BioLite's overarching goal is to empower individuals and safeguard the environment by providing widespread access to renewable energy. The company's team of engineers and designers focuses on developing core technologies that can be adapted into solutions tailored to diverse audiences. The resulting products are characterized by user-centric design, durability, and high efficiency. Through the integration of global insights, BioLite ensures that each customer benefits from the collective outcome of their efforts.

Products of BioLite

Solar Panels Portable Battery Banks Headlamps Portable Lanterns Ecozoom Stoves

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