• 29 Sep, 2023

Confused about the best way to claim Jostens warranty? Here is what you should know!

3 Simple Steps for Jostens Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Josten provides you with account creation options. This can be easily done by first name, last name, email address and a strong password. It provides you with merits like faster checkouts, tracking order & history, access to your favorite designs and much more.

  • The product registration procedure is not in practice for Jostens products. Hence you must consider Warranty Valet to store and access your product and its warranty details to claim for it whenever you wish. We also have trained professionals to do it on behalf of you.

Step 2:

  • They have various warranty plans in practice that differ from one product to the other. Please refer to the accurate details of the product before initiating the claim.

  • Please fill out their warranty claim form to initiate the claim. All your basic details including name, email address, phone number and detailed address including city, state, postal code and country have to be provided along with the necessary product information.

  • Their experts from the other end will evaluate your issue and let you know the possibilities of the claim. You will then have to follow their instructions to complete the claim.

Step 3:

  • Jostens maintains a dependable help center to help you out with all of the concerns and queries you may have using their products. They will go above and beyond to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

  • Please use their contact form for the purpose of getting prompt responses. You will have to provide the above-mentioned details along with the description of your contact.

Phone Number


Place a call to get more support for warranty claim

Contact Address

Warranty Service
3500 South Interstate 35 East
Denton, TX 76210

What is covered under the Jostens Warranty?

Jostens warrants each of the products they sell according to the subject warranty period, which applies only to that particular product and is also claimable only by the original purchaser when used under normal use. Jostens at their sole discretion will provide you with a worthy remedy when you provide them with proper proof of purchase and reason for the claim. The replacement may be provided with another product of the same value due to the unavailability of the product. The decision of Jostens will be final in this case.

  • Specified Return Policy For Each Product.

  • 4-Year Standard Jewelry Protection Plan.

  • Extended Jewelry Protection Plan.

What is NOT covered under the Jostens Warranty?

The warranty plan of Jostens will not cover items lost in transit; return Service and delivery fee of the product; any cost of repair that crosses the value quoted in their warranty plan and any alterations on the product that are performed by unauthorized sources. They are also not liable for any damages that are not under the control of Jostens like Acts of God and accidents. The repair time is generally four weeks, However, there is no control over it as some products may require additional time based on availability.

About Jostens

Jostens had its beginning way back in 1897 by a jewelry repair man named Otto Josten. Since then, it has evolved to be a renowned name in the industry with the trustability that is transferred generation after generation. As the most trusted partner in celebrating moments that matter, They work on the principle of “Capture. Celebrate. Inspire”! They work day in and day out to create quality products to celebrate moments that add value to life! You must check Jostens for your next celebration!

Products of Jostens

College Class Rings Pilot Ring Stones Class Tag™ Class Bracelet™ Class Locket™ or Collegiate Tag™

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