• 12 Sep, 2023

Checking for the best way to claim James Hardie warranty? Here it is!

3 Simple Steps for James Hardie Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • James Hardie is one of the important brands in their industry. However, They don’t have account creation and product registration procedures. Any of your defective products has to be directly claimed through their “Online Claims Form”.

  • Warranty Valet would be the best choice for you in this situation as we remain the best platform to store and access your warranty & product details which you lose most of the time. This actually loses you a large sum of money. We can have it stored and you can easily access it wherever and wherever possible. We also have experts who will claim the product successfully for you.

Step 2:

  • You must have the proof of purchase like an invoice from the dealer or retailer or contractor invoice showing the James Hardie product listed or a builder pick list or letter indicating the James Hardie product installed on the property or a photograph of James Hardie product identification codes (inkjet codes on back of the product) along with a minimum of 3 photos showing the condition of concern and elevation photos of each side of the home. Additionally, You must also provide a copy of the current year’s property tax bill or mortgage statement, a copy of the transfer history of the home such as deed or county property assessment or a copy of the chain of custody of the home since Purchase or Installation Year Such as mortgage statement, deed, tax bill.

  • The claim form is well designed and has a specific column for all the necessary details to be included which includes all your personal details with detailed address and all the other necessary product details. Once they receive the form. Their team of experts will evaluate your issue and do what has to be done from their end at the earliest possible time.

Step 3:

  • Customer support of James Hardie can help you with all of our queries and concerns like providing tips, providing support for your project, looking for local contractors near you, finding a sample from James Hardie’s portfolio of exterior solutions and much more.

  • Additionally, They maintain a well-constructed “Resource Centre” that is filled with a lot of valuable information including FAQs about their product and services.

  • Please use their contact form to get in touch with them providing your basic details along with the query.

Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Place a call to get more support for warranty claim

Contact Address

James Hardie Building Products Inc.
10901 Elm Avenue Fontana,
CA 92337

What is covered under the James Hardie Warranty?

James Hardie warrants all of their products throughout the specified period of time as per the specifications and applications of the product only to the original purchaser of the product/the first owner of the structure to which the Product is applied. It promises the product will resist damages due to material and workmanship. If it faces any form of defect due to unavoidable circumstances, James Hardie will, in its sole discretion, either refund or replace the defective portion of the Product only when informed within the first 30 days of identification of the defect. The cost shall be determined by James Hardie in its sole and reasonable discretion if the original retail cost cannot be established by the Covered Person to James Hardie’s reasonable satisfaction. Please note that they will not refund or pay any costs in association with accessory materials or labor.

  • 15-Year Express Limited Product Warranty According To The Specification.

  • 30-Year Express Limited Product Warranty According To The Specification.

What is NOT covered under the James Hardie Warranty?

This limited warranty of James Hardie has limitations on what is included and excluded in the claim. Hence they are not responsible for any defect or damage due to neglect, no proper care & maintenance, or misuse; further processing, modification or alteration of the product after shipping from James Hardie from unauthorized sources; improper storage, shipping, handling or installation of the Product, including, without limitation, failure of the product to be installed in strict compliance with the conditions of limited warranty; settlement or structural movement and/or movement of materials to which the Product is attached; incorrect design of the structure; maximum design wind loads; water infiltration; Acts of God including, but not limited to, tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, severe weather or other natural phenomena, (including, but not limited to, unusual climate conditions) and efflorescence, peeling or performance of any stains, third party paints and/ or coatings. James Hardie is also not liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages, including but not limited to, any claims of property damage, based upon breach of warranty, tort, breach of contract, or any other legal theory.

About James Hardie

James Hardie is a giant in the industry as they are the number one producer of high-performance fiber cement and fiber gypsum building solutions in the world. They operate around the globe and generated over $3.6 Billion in net sales during the past year. They believe that home is a sanctuary and a canvas for self-expression without compromise. Hence as a trusted innovator in the market, They find ways to empower building professionals and homeowners alike to achieve their dream home with premium quality solutions that enable endless possibilities for aesthetics and design, while also delivering trusted protection and long-lasting beauty.

Products of James Hardie

Magnolia Home Plank Shingle Panel Trim Soffit

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